Decision Point Announces New Online Gospel Initiative in Response to ‘He Gets Us’ Super Bowl Advertisement

Decision Point Announces New Online Gospel Initiative in Response to 'He Gets Us' Super Bowl Advertisement
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FLOWER MOUND, TX — Decision Point has launched its new online gospel initiative, Set Free Stories. Having already seen thousands of people come to Christ through online evangelistic ads since September of 2020, Decision Point wants to reach even more through this next initiative.

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Millions of people saw the Christian ads during the Super Bowl. Many Christians, including Jamie Bambrick, a pastor from Northern Ireland and creator of the He Saves Us film, are now speaking out about wanting to take that message a step further. Decision Point is helping to make that vision a reality by making more quality online ads showing that Jesus doesn’t just get us, but that He saves us and sets us free from the penalty and bondage of sin.

Decision Point’s next step is to take this online campaign further through powerful testimonial videos and distributing them on social media ads worldwide. The videos will include testimonies from people who have been saved and set free and will include a clear gospel message with a call to repentance and accepting Christ as Lord. These videos will take them to a website where people can watch the stories, read the gospel message, and have their questions answered.

In support of Decision Point’s next steps, Bambrick tweeted on X saying, “This is not a paid promotion or anything like that. I just think they’re doing great work and, if you liked my video, would be worthy of your support.”

Decision Point plans to produce seven Set Free Stories, releasing the first three by November 1st, 2024 to coincide with student-led Set Free outreaches at several hundred middle and high schools. Decision Point will then aggressively distribute those stories over social media beginning in the fall of 2024. Decision Point plans to release the remaining four Set Free Stories by September 2025. To make this happen, they need to raise $250,000 by April 1, 2024, and seeking an additional $750,000 by December 31 for a total of $1 million in 2024 to bring these stories to the widest audience.

This is an evangelistic campaign all believers can join. Decision Point will energize and equip students across the country, and perhaps around the world, to lead a SET FREE outreach in their schools. Believers worldwide will be energized to share their testimony in conversations with neighbors and with the world through their social media. Churches will be able to leverage this for outreach opportunities in their local communities.

Email or call 562.943.9787 to request an interview with Decision Point President Mark Hopson about this project, and go to for more information.

About Decision Point

Founded in 2002, Decision Point is an evangelical non-profit that exists to proclaim the gospel to the next generation until every student has heard. Decision Point is bringing the gospel to students nationwide by equipping Christian students to bring the message of Jesus Christ to their public schools. Decision Point is also bringing the gospel to young people online through social media. In it all, we partner with like-minded churches who want to see a fresh movement of dynamic youth evangelism. For more info, visit:

CONTACT: Phoebe Ng, 562-943-9787

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