Empty tomb, inc. Mission Match Wants to Work with Churches to to Keep 1 Million Children from Dying Globally

empty tomb, inc. Mission Match Wants to Work with Churches to to Keep 1 Million Children from Dying Globally.
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CHAMPAIGN, IL — Over 1 million children under the age of 5 are expected to die from treatable causes in 2023. empty tomb®, inc. Mission Match® is a tool to help churches in the U.S. use their own distribution networks to help these children in Jesus’ name.

Photo by www.emptytomb.org

Churches still have one of the best global distribution systems. Church networks have people on the front lines in areas of great needs. Churches also have a tradition of reaching out to vulnerable children because their Leader, Jesus, tells them to do so, including in Matthew 18:14.

Since 1990, the rate of under-age-five child deaths has been declining through the combined efforts of foundations, governments, private philanthropy, and academic research efforts.

However, goals set by global leaders to reduce the rate of under-5 child deaths by 2015 were not met in 40 countries. These 40 countries are the focus of Mission Match.

The causes of death are generally treatable. Three leading causes include pneumonia, diarrhea, and malaria. In addition, neonatal issues are also a major factor.

A review of denominational Web sites found requests for basic solutions, including, for example: portable ultrasound machines; repair of a maternity clinic in a country ravaged by civil war; or training of midwives.

A congregation can select a need outlined by their denominational channel or a Christian nonprofit. It is understood that other age groups might also be assisted by the projects. The congregation can then apply to Mission Match for a matching contribution in an amount of $500 through $3,000, in $500 increments. After that, the congregation has 90 days to raise the amount to be matched through intentional giving, using one or more special collections among those affiliated with the congregation. Mission Match will then send the congregation a check for the matching contribution amount. The congregation then sends both amounts to the project.

Congregations can find out about the application process at missionmatch.org, on the Church Application page on the menu.

A list of the 40 countries is at missionmatch.org on the 40 Countries page.

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CONTACT: Sylvia Ronsvalle, 217-356-9519, research@emptytomb.org

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