Wheelchair Miracle in Fiji

Believe Global exists to effect sustainable change in Papua New Guinea and on their recent trip to Fiji, an incredible miracle took place!

FIJI — Believe Global exists to effect sustainable change and development in Papua New Guinea by impacting the spheres of leadership, education, business, health and the church. Since 2016, over 800 missionaries have been sent to Papua New Guinea and Fiji, impacting over 700,000 people through gospel rallies and programs in schools, hospitals, prisons and marketplaces. On their recent mission trip to Fiji, this incredible miracle took place!


Hi, I’m Sean, this is Rima and this is my wife Natalia and we had the privilege of being a part of Believe Fiji.


As a college student I remember these big expectations about going to Fiji and just being used by God and just bringing everything we experienced here and just giving the opportunity to introduce them to Jesus. I really have this memory in my heart. It’s never going to be taken away. The last night of the rally when Pastor Tim was releasing us to go and pray for people and believe for miracles, I said to God I want to see someone in a wheelchair, walking. That was on my heart. And God really knew that. That last night we went to pray for people. I was with my husband and someone else. When we were walking someone grabbed me.

And he was like, can you pray for me? And that was actually Joe, your uncle.


So that’s my mum’s youngest brother. He hasn’t been able to walk for five years. His knees are really deteriorated. So without a wheelchair or apparatus, he ain’t going nowhere. I was helping him the first few nights, giving him a seat to sit down on.


I just remember getting there, putting my hands on his back and I was just like, it wasn’t even a question, just he was going to walk and just feeling him rising. I don’t even know if I said the right thing or I was saying anything, but he just got up and I just lifted my hand and said Thank You, Jesus. And he just walked forward. And then he kept on going. And all of a sudden they were there. Natalia was on one side, a volunteer at the other side and he started like bouncing, jumping. And that’s when you saw him. And we were just like, wow.


I was on the drums and I just see all this commotion going over there. And then all of a sudden I see this head going. Wait, that’s my uncle. What is this guy doing? And then yeah, that’s how I realized that he’d been obviously healed.


We didn’t really have to do anything. That was all the power of the Holy Spirit. And we just believed He could do it. And we just want to see miracles like that happen everyday.


Thank you, God, for healing me. Thank you, Believe team, for coming over. God bless you all.

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