Frontier Ventures’ Central Asia Trek Recruiting Workers to Help Reach Overlooked Nomadic Peoples

The Nomad Truck Venture will see a group of Christians with a heart for sharing Jesus and a taste for adventure travel across Central Asia in a vehicle like this as part of an effort to stir more interest in cross-cultural work among unreached nomadic people groups. (Photo, courtesy Oasis Overland Adventure Travel.)

3,000-mile Nomad Truck Venture will present unique challenge of taking the gospel to communities constantly on the move.

PASADENA, Calif..— Christians with a heart for sharing Jesus and a taste for adventure are being invited to take part in an overland trek aiming to help take the gospel to some of the world’s unreached nomadic people groups.

The five-week Nomad Truck Venture co-sponsored by Frontier Ventures will see participants travel more than 3,000 miles across rugged Central Asia in the summer, to introduce them to the special needs and challenges of sharing Jesus among communities constantly on the move.

Joint-trek organizer, the Nomadic Peoples Network (NPN), has identified 181 nomadic groups—totalling 123 million people—of which only one is known to be reached. Also, comprising 69 of the world’s 193 unengaged peoples with populations over 100,000, and more than a third of the world’s unengaged, unreached people groups, nomads represent a major priority for frontier missions.

Found largely in remote and often difficult-to-access regions of Africa and Asia, nomads’ unique way of life presents special challenges. As a result, few followers of Jesus are currently working among such groups—a situation the Nomad Truck Venture is hoping to change.

Up to 40 people will take part in one of two legs of the riding and camping “mobile workshop” that will also see them hike into inaccessible areas to meet with some of the nomadic peoples and members of those communities.

“We’re looking for people with a calling to those hard-to-reach people groups—adventurers, backpackers, camping enthusiasts,” said Paul Dzubinski, director of the Ralph D. Winter Launch Lab at Frontier Ventures, which is based in Pasadena., Calif. “We hope that providing them with an opportunity to meet nomads and understand better their life, culture and spirituality, some might feel led to join the work among them.”

The first event of its kind, the Nomad Truck Venture was suggested by Malcolm Hunter, a long-time collaborator with Frontier Ventures who spent 40 years as a cross-cultural worker in the Sahara desert, working among nomadic unreached people groups.

The founder of NPN, promoting and supporting outreach among nomadic groups, Hunter said, “Nomadic people are among the least-reached and least-evangelized groups in the world, but they are open to hearing the message of God’s love. We hope that by getting to experience some of their world, truck venture participants might be inspired to join the work.”

A joint-project between Frontier Ventures and the Nomadic Peoples Network, the Nomad Truck Venture is open to Christians aged 21 and older. Candidates can get more information at

Frontier Ventures

Based in Pasadena, Calif., Frontier Ventures promotes the cause of mission among the world’s unreached people groups through research, education and mobilization. Founded in 1976 as the U.S. Center for World Mission by the late missionary statesman, Dr. Ralph D. Winter, its subsidiary ministries include the acclaimed Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course.


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