Ahead of ‘Giving Tuesday,’ on November 30, The Los Angeles Dream Center Kicks Off Their ‘Make 30 Matter’ Campaign

Ahead of Giving Tuesday, LA Dream Center, kicking off their “Make 30 Matter” campaign on November 30, encourages Americans to show gratitude

LOS ANGELES — As “Giving Tuesday” is coming up on November 30, the Los Angeles Dream Center is encouraging Americans in their city and throughout the country to join the global effort of showing gratitude by giving back. They will be kicking off their “Make 30 Matter” campaign on November 30, reminding current and potential donors how critical it is for those in need to be blessed with generosity, as the country faces new economic hardships and unpredictable rises in prices.

“We’re all familiar with the high cost of living for the people of Los Angeles,” said Dream Center Co-Founder, Matthew Barnett. “But as inflation takes its toll, these costs are now soaring here more than the average nationwide. I know many individuals and families who are at the brink of losing everything. Thousands of Angelenos are facing homelessness, poverty, food insecurity, and many other financial challenges – more so now post-pandemic. Our city is urging its people to “go back to normal,” but how is that possible when “normal” is unaffordable? Families find themselves with their hands tied, without a dollar to spare, struggling to make ends meet. It’s important for those of us who are blessed, in spite of hardship, to be a blessing to others, especially now with the future so uncertain for so many.”

Matthew Barnett and the Dream Center, for their part, are asking for as many one-time or monthly donations of $30 as possible. These donations will in turn be used to help families struggling to pay rent, provide for single moms struggling to feed their kids, pay for beds for a homeless families in their residential programs, or rehabilitate individuals trying to recover from addiction.

By 2023, rents are expected to increase by $252 in Los Angeles County, and the Dream Center believes many Angelenos are at risk of losing their homes during rapid inflation. But their transitional housing and recovery programs provide personalized care, mentorship and guidance to help individuals and families develop positive social skills, secure employment and independent housing, continue their education, and engage in a healthy community.

Along with the rising cost of rent, utilities also provide an additional hurdle for families struggling with poverty. Los Angeles households paid 54.2% more than the nationwide average for electricity in September 2021. In addition to free housing, clients at the Dream Center can access resources that support their journey of healing and growth, and vocationally via continued education through services like their adult education program. They provide access to computers and internet services, mentorship, preparation for the High School equivalency test (GED, HiSET or the TASC), and access to additional services, benefits, and resources through partnered organizations.

“Please, if you haven’t considered the significance of Giving Tuesday in your holiday routine in the past, I hope you would consider it now,” added Barnett.

“Every $30 you can spare means one more meal or one more bed for those who simply can’t endure this economic crisis on their own.”

For more information about #Make30Matter and what the Los Angeles Dream Center is doing to help vulnerable individuals and families throughout the city, visit dreamcenter.org/make30matter.

About the Los Angeles Dream Center

The Los Angeles Dream Center is a faith-based non-profit organization located in Echo Park, dedicated to transforming lives and underserved communities in the city of Los Angeles. By offering residential and outreach programs to individuals, families and communities in the areas of homelessness, hunger, poverty, addiction, domestic violence, education, and human trafficking, the Dream Center is committed to enabling immediate and long-term transformation. The Dream Center welcomes those in need into our community completely free-of-charge with the resources, training, and support they need, regardless of faith, age, gender, orientation, nationality, or any other defining factor.

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