How Will Graham Preached in a Pandemic

The worldwide fear surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic only gave Will Graham more passion to share the hope of Christ.

TIPTON, GEORGIA — The worldwide fear surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic only gave Will Graham more passion to share the hope of Christ. Go behind the scenes at a recent evangelistic event in Tifton, Georgia—which ministered to those in attendance and thousands more watching online.

Franklin Graham:

My oldest son is Will. God has given Will the gift of evangelism.

Will Graham:

God’s word is pertinent all the time. It’s even more pertinent in times of death. The truth is everyone’s going to die. This pandemic has not increased the mortality rate. We all want to live to an old age, but we’re not guaranteed that. I mean it could be a car accident, it could be a heart attack, it could be Covid.

That’s why we don’t wait. I want to point them to Jesus Christ.

Wayne Roe – Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church:

Because of this pandemic the message of hope and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is more crucial now than ever before.

Will Graham:

We don’t want to sit on the sidelines. As a matter of fact we want to be the answer to the problem that’s going on. This is one of the biggest problems in the whole world this pandemic. So we’re going to run towards it.

John Cass – Billy Graham Evangelistic Association:

So here in Tifton we’re doing something a little different. The state’s opening up a little bit. The churches are allowed to have a few more people. We’re going to have some people in the audience. But the majority of the audience is still going to be online.

Will Graham:

For us it at both ends. We want to work in communities to reach people in their community. That’s what I’ve been praying this whole trip ‘God help me to communicate clearly to both audiences – those people in the room and those thousands who are watching online from all around the world.

Prayer – Lord prepare their hearts to hear the message. Help us to point people to Jesus tonight.

Preach – If I could some up 2020 the last 12 months what we’ve gone through what’s the one word I would choose it would be the word fear.

During this Covid time there’s been a lot of people calling out in their distress and God’s been answering and saying let me come into your life and show what I can do.

Preach – Peace only comes from one place is Jesus. The greatest need of all mankind is the same – it’s peace with God. My friends peace is rare. Because the world cannot produce any kind of peace. You can’t find it here on this earth. That’s why Jesus came 2,000 years ago was to bring peace between both God and man.

Celena and Patrick:

Just the words that Will was saying hit hard. It was just unbelievable from the beginning.


There’s been a lot of fear in my heart. When he touched on that talking about peace that was something very important for me.

Will Graham:

Preach – If you want to make a decision to follow Christ then give over your anxiety, your troubles, give over you sin. You want Jesus to come into your life and forgive your sins I’m going to ask you to come and stand down here and pray a prayer with you.


It’s hard to get out of your seat and be vulnerable and go up to the front. And I just felt that was an important step for me tonight.


I didn’t even look at him. I was just like I’m going and then the next thing I know he’s behind me grabbing my hand.

Will Graham:

It was wonderful to see that tens of thousands of people watching online and even over a thousand decisions for Jesus Christ.

During this Covid there’s been a lot of people calling out in distress because people are looking for answers and it’s Jesus.

About Will Graham

Will is the third generation of Grahams to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ under the banner of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA). He also serves as vice president of the BGEA, and as executive director of the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove in Asheville. Follow Will on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

CONTACT: Erik Ogren, 704-577-2109,

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