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Momento Decisivo has experienced remarkable growth, providing Bible Strong content across channels and through a variety of resources
¿Por Qué la Natividad? watch party in El Salvador.

SAN DIEGO — “Let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season, we shall reap if we do not lose heart.” This verse from the New Testament book of Galatians has been one of the guiding principles for the growth of David Jeremiah’s broadcast ministry, Turning Point with David Jeremiah. In January of 2001, Jeremiah took the first step in translating his radio broadcast into a foreign language. Knowing that Spanish is the second-most-spoken language in North America and being headquartered in Southern California, he seized an opportunity to start broadcasting in Spanish and officially launched the Momento Decisivo radio program.

¿Por Qué la Natividad? watch party in El Salvador.

Over the past twenty years, Momento Decisivo has experienced remarkable growth, providing Bible Strong content across multiple channels and through a variety of resources. Last September, the Momento Decisivo television program celebrated its first full year of nationwide and local airings on stations across the US and Latin America. Today, Momento Decisivo reaches 42 million Spanish speakers in the US and 12 million bilingual speakers around the globe through radio, television, print, and digital resources.

Turning Point is actively delivering the unchanging Word of God to an ever-changing world through strategic partnerships in the US and Latin Americawith radio and television stations, churches, parachurch organizations, and local communities. Currently, Momento Decisivo programming reaches 359 stations across 20 countries. These partnerships have enabled the Gospel’s transformative power to be shared with Spanish-speaking audiences worldwide.

Feature length docu-drama ¿Por Qué la Natividad?

“Jesus gave us a global task, and no matter how large our global task is, it all starts at home. All of this started with a calling God place in my heart, and now when you have great team working on it, the efforts are multiplied, and it takes off into so many directions and expands,” said Jeremiah.

Yessenia Jimenez, the manager of Momento Decisivo added, “Latin America is a region with deep and diverse spiritual landscape, a place where faith and culture intertwine, and solid biblical teaching is more crucial than ever. On a recent trip I was struck by the pressing needs of the community and experienced first-hand the urgency of providing solid biblical teaching through the local churches and universities. Momento Decisivo aims to help address this need by offering relevant, inspiring, and transformative content.”

By working with our Latin American partners, Momento Decisivo can provide resources to stations, churches, universities, and parachurch organizations that help them spread the message of faith, hope, and everlasting love in ways that meet the unique needs of their community and region. As Turning Point continues leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance the quality and accessibility of its broadcasts and digital resources, Momento Decisivo is no exception. Spanish-language broadcasts and digital content are constantly being advanced via streaming services, mobile applications, and interactive platforms, allowing audiences to engage with the ministry’s content in various ways.

The partnership extends beyond traditional broadcasting and digital content with collaborative efforts to develop additional resources to support spiritual growth and discipleship. This past Christmas, Turning Point’s feature-length docu-drama ¿Por Qué la Natividad? was re-released with a promotional campaign that encouraged watch parties and included church kits to study the Nativity story further, and participation was amazing. Here is a glimpse of how the ¿Por Que la Natividad? campaign performed between Thanksgiving and Christmas-:

  • 152K views of ¿Por Qué La Natividad? on YouTube
  • 6,514 views of ¿Por Qué La Natividad? on the official Spanish landing page
  • 2,309 subscriptions to ¿Por Qué La Natividad? devotional plan on YouVersion
  • 175 Spanish church kit downloads
  • 72 Church hosted watch parties with a potential audience of 223,840
  • 35 Television broadcasts with 3 new stations for 2023
    • Canal 27 in Guatemala
    • Asociación Cultural Cristo Visión in Costa Rica
    • Emmanuel TV in México

But it’s not about the numbers; it’s about transforming lives. Each of these numbers symbolizes a life, and while we may never know the full impact, we are blessed to hear stories from our partners, like Edificadores del Reino, who held a special showing of ¿Por Que la Natividad? in December where 47 children came to know Christ.

With Momento Decisivo, Turning Point and its Latin American partners are committed to providing content and resources that empower individuals to deepen their understanding of the Christian faith and live Bible Strong lives.

As Turning Point continues to expand its reach and impact, the organization remains dedicated to its mission of delivering the unchanging Word of God to an everchanging world. Through the power of radio, television, and digital outreach the ministry aims to bring the Gospel to all the hearts and homes of individuals and families across Latin America and the Spanish-speaking world.

For more information about Momento Decisivo and its Spanish-language programming, please visit https://www.momentodecisivo.org/.

Dr. David Jeremiah is a renowned Bible teacher, New York Times bestselling author, and founder/host of Turning Point Broadcast Ministry. With more than 40 years of ministry and “just getting started,” his teaching has led to the creation of the Prophecy Academy, OVERCOMER, Airship Genesis, PassagesTV, Why the Nativity?, and PerhapsToday to name a few.

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Turning Point Ministries was founded in 1982 as the broadcast ministry of Dr. David Jeremiah to deliver the unchanging Word of God to an ever-changing world. More than three decades later, with a multimedia network featuring radio, television, online programming, magazine, and books, Turning Point reaches people around the globe with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Turning Point is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization wholly supported by its patrons and not underwritten by any church or organization.

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