‘Pulse 100’ Offers $25,000 in Scholarships to Local Youth

Nick Hall is giving away $25,000 in scholarships through the ministry’s year-long evangelism training program, “Pulse 100.” 

MINNEAPOLIS — Nick Hall, evangelist and founder of the millennial-led evangelistic organization Pulse, is giving away $25,000 in scholarships through the ministry’s year-long evangelism training program, “Pulse 100.”

Pulse 100” is an evangelism training program that aims to mentor and disciple a group of 100 men and women who have a passion and calling to spread the message of Jesus. These 100 individuals will be selected from six metropolitan areas on the below dates:

  • 9/7 | Boston, MA
  • 9/14 | Atlanta, GA
  • 9/15 | Charlotte, NC
  • 9/16 | Waco, TX
  • 9/22 | Portland, OR
  • 9/23 | Minneapolis, MN

The selected individuals will have access to world-class training and will learn under some of the most experienced Christian leaders in the world.

In addition to the evangelism training program, Hall’s ministry is providing Pulse 100 participants the opportunity to apply for scholarship funds to invest in their respective communities. Pulse hopes the scholarships will empower these young evangelists to have a greater impact on the cities they serve.

“The call of God on someone’s life to spread the Gospel is a great responsibility, and it’s a privilege at Pulse to help young leaders fully step into that calling,” said Nick Hall. “We’re excited to see the impact the Pulse 1oo will have on their communities and the world, all for the glory of God.”

Click here to apply to be a part of the Pulse 100.

Click here to learn more about Nick Hall and Pulse.

Nick Hall is available for interviews. Please email press@thekcompany.co to check availability.

Pulse is a Minneapolis-based, millennial-led evangelistic organization launched by evangelist Nick Hall with a college English paper. Pulse has offices in New York (NY), Chattanooga (TN), Austin (TX) and a global office in Kiev (Ukraine). For over a decade, Pulse has set the stage for Nick Hall to share Jesus with over 315 million Millennials and members of Gen Z through some of the largest digital initiatives and live gatherings in history.

Nick Hall is a leading international evangelist, CEO of The Table Coalition and founder and president of Pulse. With an English paper he titled “Pulse,” Nick launched one of the largest student-led outreach efforts in American history. Since 2004, Nick has shared Jesus everywhere he goes and hosts hundreds of events yearly. He holds a position on the Board of Directors Executive Committee of the National Association of Evangelicals. He is the author of Reset: Jesus Changes Everything.

Website: pulse.org | Facebook: pulsemovement | Instagram: @pulse.movement | Youtube: Pulse

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