Rebuilding From the Rubble in Ukraine

Andriy from Mercy Projects shares from the rubble of Natalia's home in Ukraine explaining the plan to rebuild lives in this devastated region

IVANKIV, UKRAINE — The town of Ivankiv in the Chernobyl region of Ukraine came under an intense siege from Russian troops in February this year. A Christian worker with the charity Mercy Projects Natalia saw her home completely destroyed in the conflict. Her colleague Andriy brings this update from the rubble of her home explaining how they plan to rebuild lives in this devastated region.

Andriy KolbovskyMercy Projects:

We are here in the one of the villages we are working with and here’s the house of my co-worker who is a local and is connected to all kinds of families, you know government people.

She was helping us for almost three years. We bought this house for her about a year ago. We paid for her and now it’s destroyed by Russians. And families like Natalia, they are all over this region. They are all over Ukraine.

But we want to start here. We want to rebuild her life, her family and Ukraine from this point. It was also our base here and we kept all our stuff for our camps. All of that is destroyed.

So we’re working on a new vision, a new understand of how to help Ukrainians rebuild their country and their lives.

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