Relief and Evacuations in Frontline Villages in East Ukraine

Working with military chaplain Gennady Mohnenko GCMM is also helping deliver relief aid to those unable to leave the war zone in East Ukraine.

ZAPOROZHYE, UKRAINE — While coming under intense fire from Russian troops, Great Commission Media Ministries conducted a successful mission to East Ukraine delivering ten tons of aid, food supplies and evacuated people trapped in villages.

Hannu Hauka:

The war in Ukraine is in its fourth month. Great Commission Media Ministries is financing the evacuations of thousands of Ukrainians in frontline towns and villages under Russian artillery fire. GCMM also delivers humanitarian aid, food and medical supplies to villagers unable to evacuate.


Grad rockets have also been launched. That was a direct hit. People are afraid and tearful.

Humanitarian aid arrived this morning. These people have received quite a load with a two semi truck loads, two bus loads and a few flat bed trucks full of aid for the frontlines.

Gennady Mohnenko – Military Chaplain:

I’m really impressed with what you’re doing for Ukraine’s benefit during this crazy, unsettled time. I don’t know how people at the front would survive without your help. The vehicles you gave us have already helped to save many lives. This humanitarian aid is going to places where they have nothing. I hope that we can drive together to the frontline villages where people are living without electricity, water, heat, food and stores for the past few months. A huge thank-you for your help. It is truly a miracle. Slava Ukraine.

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