Rise Up – Operation Mobilisation Ukraine Response

Operation Mobilisation shares how the response they have made and are making to the Ukraine crisis with love and compassion.

POLAND — In the midst of the evolving conflict in Ukraine there is an opportunity for believers everywhere to respond to the critical needs of Ukrainians fleeing their homes and homeland, and to demonstrate God’s care to the hurting.

OM shares how they have been responding to the crisis with love and compassion.

DonnaOM Church Planter, Poland:

When the war started first reaction is unbelievable. It’s just unimaginable. And then our hearts sank when we saw the massive flood of Ukrainian refugees into Poland.

WeronikaOM Field Leader, Poland:

When I heard of the war breaking out my first reaction was to pray. And then it was clear that we also needed to respond in action that expresses God’s love.

JacekOM in Poland:

We are here on the Polish-Ukrainian border.

We have a trailer set up just to have a resting place for women with children.

VladOM in Moldova:

We are here at the Moldovian-Ukrainian border.

And we set up a tent. We are serving people with water, hot drinks and some food.

AnatolaOM Partner in Moldova:

This whole tent runs 24 hours. I probably not have seen such a concentrated area where so many people are in need in one place.


People who just crossed the border they come really exhausted after a very long journey. We want to provide warmth, safety and security.


So we set up our church very quickly as a shelter, so they they can come to have a place to rest, to sleep and to think about what is the next step.

ViktoriaUkrainian Mother:

The OM Church church’s help for us was in food. And now we have a flat and we have where to sleep. We have what to eat.


We thought we cannot change the circumstances entirely, but we can be the place of comfort for the people. We can provide a shelter or a safe space. We can be the people who care about them. And through that express the love of Christ.

OxanaOM in Moldova:

Reading the Bible God says to love our neighbors as ourselves. And literally our neighbors now are in real big need. And they need help.

AndreiOM Partner in Romania:

This is not the time to sit and do nothing. This is the time to take action.


Jesus, when He was on earth, He met the immediate needs alongside the spiritual needs for people. So it is really important for us as followers of Jesus to show His love and His heart to the people.


For me the best way to show the Gospel basically, the good news, to the people is just reaching out to their needs and helping them. And showing love and care.


I have seen Moldovan people rise up by just doing so many runs to the borders. Everyone, not just those that have buses, but even smaller cars just going and picking up people.

Many are bringing food and other supplies. Whatever resources they have.


I see them rise up together to provide material to those who have nothing with them.

I see them rise up together to open up their home for those who are homeless.


We’ve seen great needs. A lot of human suffering. But what I’ve also seen is a great outpouring of love and compassion.

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