Wheelchair Distribution Delivers the Hope of the Gospel in Thailand

When Pleng arrived at Thailand Wheels for the World outreach in her mother’s arms, she received the wheelchair she needed, and so much more

CHIANG MAI, THAILAND — Namthan has cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus. She cannot walk or even sit on her own and has a permanent shunt surgically implanted in her brain. Raised Buddhist, Namthan’s parents believed that bad karma caused Namthan’s disability. But when Joni and Friends brought Namthan a wheelchair through our Wheels for the World program, Namthan’s family learned the truth: Namthan is not cursed but blessed, made and loved by God. As Namthan received her wheelchair, her parents heard the Gospel and watched Christ’s love in action. Now instead of lying on her back, Namthan sits upright, enjoying her new mobility. Through Joni and Friends, Namthan’s family experienced acceptance and dignity in Christ.

PonNamthan’s Mother – Mae Rim District, Thailand:

Namthan is now 2 years and 7 months old. She has hydrocephalus, and is unable to walk or sit. She cannot survive on her own. I am sad with everything and really disappointed. But I never wanted to abandon her. Because I gave birth to her, I want to take care of her as much as I can.

She feels uncomfortable when I carry her. If she could sit on her own she would be so very happy. If we had a wheelchair it would be a great help.

KatieJoni and Friends, Wheels for the World:

Joni and Friends shares the love of Jesus by first providing wheelchairs to those in need who can never afford one. We custom fit each chair to the exact needs of the recipient.


I am so glad to see the team taking her measurements and fitting her. We are thankful that they are trying their best to help us.


Lifting a child like Namthan into her first wheelchair provides dignity and freedom. Not just to her but to her whole family.


It helps her a lot because Pon doesn’t have to carry her. She can leave her comfortably in the wheelchair. It supports her posture really well.


The gift of mobility opens the door to share the good news of Jesus. With every wheelchair a recipient and their family receive a Bible in their language, the opportunity to receive prayer and the hope-filled message that disability is not the result of a curse, that each person with a disability is made in the image of God and welcome in His kingdom.


It is really good to have it. Because I can leave her alone safely in the wheelchair. Then I can wash dishes or cook food without worrying about her getting hurt. I can bring her along with me anywhere instead of leaving her at home to do errands. So with the wheelchair is a big help.

Thank you so much for sending her a wheelchair. It is like her legs taking her anywhere. Thank you!

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About Joni and Friends

For 40 years, Joni and Friends has provided the hope of the Gospel and practical resources to people affected by disability around the globe. Ministry programs include Wheels for the World, Family Retreats, the Christian Institute on Disability, and church ministry training. Joni and Friends also delivers inspirational media such as the Joni and Friends radio program and podcasts. To find out more, please visit www.joniandfriends.org.

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