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Widowhood: Calling to Leadership empowers widows to walk through the storm of emotions that follows the death of a husband and rise above feelings of loss.

ENUMCLAW, WA — When a woman loses her husband to death, the situation is permanent, often unforeseen, and disorienting. A widow finds herself in an unfamiliar situation of aloneness. She suddenly becomes the decision-maker, the one who is solely responsible for her and her family’s future.

Mary Bruce found herself in this very circumstance the week before 9/11. Her struggle with sorrow and loss was marked by those who unexpectedly shared her fate just a few days later. But her journey with Jesus through this valley of the shadow of death taught her that she wasn’t a victim because her husband died, but instead she was called into a position of leadership that could be embraced and used to bring about something good.

Widowhood: A Calling to Leadership empowers widows to walk through the storm of emotions that follows the death of a husband and rise above their feelings of loss. The calling of widowhood allows a widow to embrace her new identity, to see herself as honored instead of abandoned. This new season of aloneness allows for a more intimate relationship with her Maker, who declares himself to be her husband, her protector, her provider (Isaiah 54:5).

For the church leader, Widowhood: A Calling to Leadership provides an honest look inside the reality of widowhood. While widows do need support from the church during their time of transition, they also have a lot they can offer the body of Christ as they lean on Jesus to fill an overwhelming void in their lives. Church leaders will gain valuable insight into not only how to minister to widows in their congregations but also how to provide opportunities for widows themselves to minister to their congregations.

Mary Bruce shares from her own experiences to paint a picture of widow’s ministry as a space for contemplation and reflection and a reset of vision and destiny, a place to grow in leadership skills, and a place for fellowship. She desires for widows to see themselves as precious, prepared, protected, and needed by God on this earth for kingdom purposes. This book is a valuable resource for every church and every widow of any age or circumstance.


Mary Bruce is a registered nurse, a former homeschooling mother, and a widow since the weekend before 9/11. Born and raised in Waterbury, Connecticut, she still resides there and works as an associate pastor. In the early 1990s, she initiated a grassroots movement to pray in Connecticut on the National Day of Prayer. Since then she has served as a state coordinator for the National Day of Prayer Task Force and is currently its National Area Leader for the nine northeast states.

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