Will the Pro-life Movie Unplanned Open the Eyes of the Irish?

UNPLANNED, the true story of a former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson will open this weekend in select theaters in Ireland.

LOS ANGELES, CA — UNPLANNED, the true story of a former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson, who is now a prominent pro-life advocate, opened these past few weekends in select theaters in Northern Ireland and Ireland.  “I urge every person in Ireland to see this movie,” says Johnson

UNPLANNED debuted in United States theaters on March 29 and has since released in Canada, Australia and in the Philippines, and is set for release Oct. 25 in Mexico. Filmmakers are releasing UNPLANNED around the world amid a clamor for its pro-life message to change the culture.

“Like everywhere, there is a fierce battle for life in Ireland,” said Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman, co-directors of UNPLANNED. “UNPLANNED could bring a historic transformation where the Irish people from the north to the south become victorious in defending the dignity and value of every human person. We know that Abby’s conversion can be Ireland’s conversion.”

UNPLANNED has already saved one life in Ireland during pre-release grassroots outreach and engagement, according to Jacinta McGorian from Gianna Care: “I just have to say that one of us brought a guest to one of the special (influencer) screenings; (we) didn’t know she was expecting….mammy decided to keep her baby after that event. We didn’t even know she was thinking of abortion!”

“The pro-life people of Ireland have suffered greatly in recent years, fighting against the culture of death, against misinformation and seemingly against the tide of public opinion,” said Abby Johnson, author of UNPLANNED and founder and director of And Then There Were None. “But the truth never fails. All of Ireland is primed to face the truth of abortion and the harm it causes to both the mother and the baby through the film UNPLANNED. I urge every person in Ireland to see this movie.”

To find out where UNPLANNED is showing in Ireland, or to bring it to a community not listed, visit UnplannedFilm.com/ireland.

UNPLANNED is the dramatic account of former Planned Parenthood superstar, Abby Johnson. In eight years, she rose from college volunteer, to one of the youngest clinic directors, to Employee of the Year…until the day she was asked to assist in an ultrasound-guided abortion. The inspiring film traces Johnson’s journey from staunch abortion advocate to standing side-by-side with the people who prayed for her spiritual transformation and facing the full, head-on attack of one of the most powerful organizations on Earth.

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