Christian Organization Offers Bible’s Answers for America’s ‘Suffering Poor’

Christian Engaged offer Bible's answers for America's Monster debt
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RICHARDSON, TX — The U.S. government’s $33 trillion “monster debt” — the largest in U.S. history — is a direct result of the nation’s rejection of biblical principles, says the producer of a new video series addressing the current economic calamity.

Photo by Christians Engaged

The eight-part series, Biblical Economics: Answers for Difficult Days, was released in November, and aims to help churches explore what the Bible says about money and to apply “God’s economic principles” in everyday life.

“Biblical economic principles stand in contrast to many of America’s economic policies today, most of which are presented as caring, but which actually only benefit select groups for a limited time, and are not sustainable,” said Ben Quine, director of curriculum and strategic ministry partnerships for faith-based nonprofit Christians Engaged.

“Whenever a culture abandons biblical principles in this area, or when people are allowed to implement unbiblical economic policies, people suffer – especially the poorest in society,” he said.

God’s Tax Code?

The new video course introduces economic principles the Bible advocates, including low taxes, limited government, economic freedom and justice, and protection of private property rights.

God’s economic plan directs the government not to show favoritism to either rich or poor, but to enact impartial policies for everyone, according to Christians Engaged, an organization that promotes Christians’ participation in civic government through prayer, voting, and engagement.

“When people embrace the biblical view of money, business, resources and wealth, they’re able to be released from poverty and to thrive,” Quine said.

“We see that when biblical economic principles are combined with virtue — honesty, hard work, and voluntary charity — it leads to more and more economic growth. When a culture follows these principles, the result is a cycle of productivity that creates wealth, lifts people out of poverty, opens the door for the spread of the Gospel, and brings life!”

Jesus ‘Warned Against Money Obsession’

In contrast, Jesus warned against the love of riches and obsessing over money, according to Bible teacher and former political consultant Bunni Pounds, founder of Christians Engaged.

“Christ paints an honest but rather sobering picture: Money aims to be our master, our hearts are inclined towards the love of money, and we will likely permit riches to lead us away from God if we don’t protect our souls,” Pounds said. “Similarly, capitalism completely unleashed – without moral restraint and spiritual renewal — isn’t the answer either.”

The video series features insights from well-known leaders, including June Hunt, founder, Hope for the Heart; Hon. Jeb Hensarling, former House Financial Services Chairman; Doug Stringer, founder and president, Somebody Cares America; Hon. Scott Walker, former Wisconsin Governor; Pastor Chris McRae; Tony Pack, businessman, Kevin Freeman, host, Economic War Room; and Hon. Rob Henneke, Texas Public Policy Foundation.

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