A Year of Discipleship

Eveline learned how to love the Lord and others during her two-years at School of Discipleship.

Young adults ages 18–27 have the opportunity to go through a one- or two-year program called School of Discipleship (SD) with Gospel for Asia (GFA). In this program, students grow in their faith through prayer meetings and living in the community with fellow believers.

Eveline learned how to love the Lord and others during her two-years at School of Discipleship. Source: Gospel for Asia

“I have a better and deeper walk with the Lord and deeper relationship with others, not just here but also back home,” Eveline, a current SD student said. “The Lord has taught me the greatest commandment: to love the Lord and love others.”

I went through the School of Discipleship, too. In my two years of training, I grew in relationship with the people around me and with my family, but especially my love for my family.

There is a Christ-centered community at Gospel for Asia (GFA) in which staff and students intermingle, serve and live together to keep their focus solely on Christ.

“I enjoy the community events we have whether that’s for SD or with other staff members,” Eveline said, “I like the fellowship because it creates bonds, for example: The Supply Run, the talent shows and praise times. We also do solitude, a time of reading Scripture and praying by yourself to listen for what the Lord has to say.”

Students have times of fellowship with other students and staff members.

“I think for me,” Eveline said, “it has been impactful to see Christ in people and has motivated me to live in Christ. It has been convicting. Conviction is good.”

After graduation, the students will go their own way, some of them joining staff at Gospel for Asia (GFA) and others going on to different ministries. Others will go into the corporate world to influence people with Christ’s love.

Gospel for Asia (GFA) has instilled in me a burning desire to share Christ’s love,” Eveline explains. “I know that wherever I go, I will share God’s love and serve people in need.”

Through Gospel for Asia’s School of Discipleship lives are being changed, both in Texas and around the world. After graduation in July, graduates will go out ready to serve those whom Jesus loves.

You can livestream the graduation on Tuesday, July 31, at 4 p.m.


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