Bring Dignity to Poor Through Work



There are millions of people around the world living in poverty and without the opportunity to earn a sustainable income. Some ministries give dignity to people through providing some people work. For example, Gospel for Asia (GFA) provides farm animals or other items that help people get to work, so they do not have to depend on a handout. Handouts is temporary relief that does not have a long-term impact. Gospel for Asia (GFA) seeks to celebrate Christ and help families escape poverty.

Bringing Dignity through Work

Many people think there is no way out of poverty, that they were born that way and will always be stuck in poverty. They may dismiss microfinance as a way to get out of poverty. According to HOPE International, many clients say, “’Why are you wasting your time with us?’ they ask staff members. ‘We’re poor. We’re stuck here, and there is no way out for us.’”[1] Time and time again, this sentiment has proven false. Through microfinance, people have been alleviated out of poverty. Those who help start new businesses give dignity to those who otherwise may not have it.

Gospel for Asia’s Christmas Catalog

South Asia is among the poorest regions of the world. Gospel for Asia’s Christmas Catalog brings an opportunity to have a sustainable income, as well as dignity. In Asia, many men become alcoholics because they cannot find a good paying job. Often squandering their small income for alcohol. One former alcoholic regained his dignity through Gospel for Asia’s Christmas gift distribution of items found in the Gospel for Asia’s Gift Catalog. Vaj was one such man. Vaj chose to follow after Christ and his neighbors were astounded at the change in his life.[2] Many women and men are able to work with sewing machines for the first time in their life, because of these gift distributions. Widows are some of the most neglected people in South Asian society, because some believe they were the cause of their husband’s death. By bringing a gift to these women, missionaries give dignity to the widows. One such widow is Sani. She received a sewing machine as a gift during a gift distribution. Not only was she able to provide for her family, but she was also able to give an education to her family.[3] This provided a way for Sani to celebrate Christ throughout the year.


Those who are in poverty are provided dignity through income-generating gifts, some of which provide families with work. The ministry of Gospel for Asia (GFA) throughout the year, provides the materials needed for people to start working.

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