Here’s How to Pray for Missionaries and Pastors

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GFA sponsored missionaries pray for their ministries.

How should we pray for overseas missionaries and pastors?

I  want to pray, but  what do they need?  This is a question that often crosses our minds when we hear of the adversity facing those who serve the Lord in areas that are volatilize and prone to hostility.

Tamang is a pastor in South Asia who has been serving the Lord since 2003. He ministers to his local congregation through prayer and preaching, along with his wife, Nirmala. When Tamang would speak to the men, Nirmala would often pray for him while ministering to the wives and widows. That would all change on September 18, 2011.

On September 18, a 6.8 magnitude earthquake rocked parts of Nepal, India, and Tibet. Many perished in that quake. Among them was Nirmala, Tamag’s beloved wife. It hasn’t been easy for Pastor Tamang, but he has persevered in his work thanks to the prayers of his congregation and the prayers of his Gospel for Asia (GFA) sponsors!

“It was the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the prayer support of my believers that helped me to stand firm after the death of my wife,” Tamang says. “God comforted me so I can continue my ministry.”

Gospel for Asia (GFA) sponsored pastors pray for their ministries.

Ways to Pray

Like us, pastors and missionaries also face seasons of discouragement, hardship, and setbacks. Here are three ways to pray for our brothers and sisters across the globe in Asia:

  1. Personal Struggles – Pastor Tamang’s loss is not an isolated experience. In their service for the Lord, many deal with the deaths of family or friends, and many others also deal with personal issues or heartache, just like us.
  2. Resistance – There are many individuals who will harden their hearts at the mention of Jesus’ name. For many Asians, saying “Yes” to God’s love means turning away from eons of tradition of worshipping other gods, and those that do often face shunning from their family and friends.
  3. Persecution – In certain areas, the message of God’s Good News is simply not welcome, and those who come bearing it may face physical danger, even harm to their well-being. Pray for safety and boldness for our brothers and sisters who convey the gospel.

…and there are many more ways to pray. If you have a few minutes consider stopping and saying a prayer for someone who is serving across the globe.

There are many ways to support our brothers and sisters who serve overseas. Prayer is just one of the most simple and effective ways to do so!

The eyes of the LORD are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their cry.” -Psalm 34:15

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