24 Women in Nepal Graduate from BE Church Vocational Training

KATMANDU – The 14th graduating class of the Believers Eastern Church vocational training class in the Diocese of Pokhara, Nepal, completed their work on 14 July 2018. A total of 24 women received their tailoring certificates at the end of the six-month course.

A century ago, sewing and tailoring was a necessity for women in the United States. Now that we are a commodity-driven society, the skill is rarely taught. However, in developing countries like Nepal and other South Asian nations, the training empowers women with a valuable trade with which to earn a reasonably comfortable living that allows them and their families to rise above the poverty level.

It takes a bit of research, but the economic impact of becoming a skilled seamstress and tailor in Nepal is significant.

The new minimum wage – “the lowest amount a worker can be legally paid for his work,” – is Rs 8,000 per month. That is roughly $73 USD per month, $16.84 per week, and, with a six-day work week, $2.81 per day. At a 10-hour work day (conservatively), that is $0.28 per hour.

Having received a certificate in tailoring, a woman in Nepal can reasonably expect to be able to participate in providing enough revenue to raise their family above the national poverty level.

In a 206-page study, the Government of Nepal identified women as a vulnerable group, noting that “Regardless of caste and ethnicities, women in general, suffer more than their male counterparts.”

The vocational training that Believers Eastern Church and other NGOs provide for women in Nepal is more than learning a new skill set. It opens up an entirely new world of economic opportunity and freedom from poverty, gaining them a new-found respect within their communities.

One of the most recent graduates expressed her elation by saying, “This training has opened a new door of opportunity for me to earn my livelihood. Thank you so much for equipping me with this skill.”

Pray for the vocational ministries of Believers Eastern Church in Nepal and across South Asia.


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