Abraham and Eti’s Story: Surviving Death Threats and Persecution

Abraham* came to follow Jesus. But Abraham’s family were about to face persecution in South East Asia, until he was saved by a miracle.

SOUTH EAST ASIA — Abraham* came to follow Jesus, encouraged by Eti*, the Christian woman he would later marry. But Abraham’s family were about to face persecution in south east Asia, until he was saved by a miracle.

Abraham*South east Asia:

I was born and grew up in a Muslim home and all the family members were very devout Muslims. After conversion I have gone through so much of persecution and hardship.

In Southeast Asia, Abraham had come to follow Jesus, encouraged by Eti, the Christian woman he would later marry. But for believers from a Muslim background, conversion can be dangerous and even life-threatening.


After we married, once I was caught by my family and I was brought back to our home. And at night time, they asked a lot of questions about my faith and I said yes, I became Christian and I was badly beaten and they said you need to choose what you want. You want to die or you want to divorce your wife or you want to renounce your faith and that day I said I cannot do that. I cannot divorce my wife. I cannot renounce my faith but better for me to die and I was really beaten up after that.

Then they decided that after midnight they will kill me and they will hang my body in a public place so that people will see what is the consequence of a Muslim boy to become a Christian. I was just praying in my heart that Lord do a miracle.

Eti*South east Asia:

We both are praying. He was in his parents’ house, I was in my parents’ house, but we were praying the same prayer. I was praying and asking, “Lord, Lord, you do miracle.” And I knew that my husband was praying the same prayer. That time I was not able to ask anyone to pray for me because there was not a communication system or anything. So a prayer of one ordinary woman like me saved my husband’s life.

God’s miracle was twofold. First, Abraham’s father intervened to stop his siblings from killing him. Then, with the help of friends, he was able to flee, walking for two days to be reunited with Eti. And many years on, the couple are now ministering to other persecuted believers in the region.


We got to know that not only me, there are so many people in my country, they are going through problems after their conversion, they’re kicked out from the family, they’re beaten up. I am a persecuted believer and I know how they feel. We found that God really gave us a clear vision. We need to serve the persecuted church.


We do have a discipleship program for men, women, youth, even for children, because persecution is very normal over there. Many people are coming to Christ and persecution also increasing. We cannot control persecution. We cannot stop people persecuting us. So that’s why we are preparing our church, giving the training and biblical principles. When persecutions come, how they’ll be standing strong in their faith. Continue to keep us in prayer so that we, everyday suffering there, we’ll be suffering with gladness. We’ll be serving the Lord with gladness and we’ll consider this suffering is not a burden, it’s a joy because scripture says blessed are those who suffer in his sake.

*Names changed for security reasons

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