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In late October of 2016, an earthquake hit Norcia, Italy (a town in the central part of Italy). A 6.6 earthquake was recorded.

CNN reports, “A powerful 6.6-magnitude earthquake rocked central Italy on Sunday morning, injuring at least 20 people, in the strongest tremor to hit the country in more than three decades.”

The Italian Prime Minister promised to rebuild the collapsed buildings.

NBC explains, “Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi promised Sunday to rebuild after the most powerful earthquake to strike the country in 36 years toppled ancient buildings and left thousands of people seeking assistance and preparing for aftershocks.”

There was a huge number of people affected by the earthquakes. They were put into relief camps.

According to BBC, “Many of those affected are living with relatives or friends, but the civil protection agency said it was providing assistance to 15,000, with 10,000 accommodated in tents and converted sports halls. Thousands spent the night in their cars or under canvas.”

Despite orders to leave the area, many people are staying put, because their livelihood is in the area.

CNN reports, “‘These people don’t want to leave their area because they are really linked in. There’s a long tradition there, and they have some jobs, farmers and so on, so they decide to stay there,’ Tommaso Della Longa of the Italian Red Cross told CNN.”

The Italian Red Cross is on the scene to help the people of central Italy who were affected by the earthquake.

The Italian Red Cross explains, “Psychological support experts from the Italian Red Cross are on the ground in central Italy as thousands of people come to terms with the third strong earthquake in four days.”

Pray that the people of Italy would be able to recover the earthquakes in central Italy. Also, pray for many to come to know the Lord during this time.

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