Border Dispute Between India and Nepal Slows Down Spread of the Gospel

Nepal is facing a humanitarian crisis due to the blockade of its border posts with India over the new secular constitution. Here’s the problem: the blockade, which is now into its second month, has severely restricted the amount of fuel and essential supplies reaching the country from India.”-

India has limited the amount of fuel sent to Nepal due to its secular constitution. This makes travel throughout the country especially on the border even more difficult and also renders the people even more impoverished.

Even with the border dispute, missionary organizations are going ahead and spreading the Gospel, no matter how long it takes for them to get to villages.

Nov. 9- The border dispute between Nepal and India has slowed down organizations such as World Mission in their spreading the Gospel in Nepal. “’Not having the resources, what it does, is that it takes them away from their families for a more extended period of time.’ They’re hiking, biking, conveying by donkey–any way they can–the Treasures (a solar-powered audio Bibles given to oral learners in their own language) to people who have never heard God’s Word.”

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