Bus Hits Haitians in Parade


Image by Earth Sciences and Image Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center.

On March 12, there was a parade in celebration of Rara, a Haitian holiday. All the sudden a bus came plowing through the parade and crowds.

Per CNN, “At least 38 people were killed and 13 others injured in northern Haiti after a bus plowed into a festival crowd before dawn Sunday, in what local authorities said was a hit and run incident.”

The bus was traveling to Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti.

Voice of America explains, “The bus, which was traveling from Cap Haitien to the capital Port-au-Prince, initially hit two people in a town outside Gonaives in northern Haiti, killing one, said Joseph Faustin, civil protection head in the Artibonite department.”

People were trapped underneath the bus after it stopped.

CNN reports, “According to one eyewitness, people were still trapped under the bus when it finally stopped. ‘You could see bodies missing arms, bodies with stomachs out, and a trail of blood on the ground,’ a man named Rigorov, who lives in the area, said. ‘You could hear people crying and calling for help, but I could not make a difference on who is alive and who is not.’”

38 people were killed in the incident.

Voice of America explains, “In total, 34 people were killed at the scene and another four people died in hospital, said Fred Henry, the area’s deputy representative, who added that the incident had occurred around 4 a.m.” Rara is a season that goes from Mardi Gras to Easter. It is usually accompanied by bands parading in the streets.

Per CNN, “The bus encountered streets crowded with revelers celebrating Rara, a popular festive season in Haiti that stretches from Mardi Gras until Easter Sunday.”

After the bus ran over those in the parade and stopped, people began hurling stones at the bus.

Voice of America reports, “After the accident, other musicians and people in the parade began hurling rocks at the bus and passing vehicles, injuring other people, said Albert Moulion, the Ministry of the Interior’s spokesman.”

Survivors also tried to set the bus on fire.

CNN explains, “Angry survivors tried to set the bus on fire while passengers were still inside, police said, but officers intervened and prevented them from doing so.” Healing Haiti leads short-term mission teams in providing Christ’s hope in Haiti

Per Healing Haiti, “We’re developing businesses that will create life-sustaining jobs. And, we continue to love on Haiti’s children and elderly. And, we do so much more. Indeed, our mission trips to Haiti allow us to be the hands and feet of Jesus.”

Please pray that God uses Healing Haiti to bring Christ’s Hope to the people of Haiti.

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