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Photo by OAR/ERL/National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL)

In late April, a series of tornados hit Canton, TX and the surrounding area. Canton is a town 60 miles East of Dallas.

WFAA 8 ABC reports, “As emergency crews continue rescue and recovery efforts, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott surveyed areas ravaged by a series of tornadoes, about 60 miles east of the Dallas metro area.”

One resident in Canton, Don Good, is a Garland firefighter. He was at his job when the tornado struck his house. He was worried about his wife and dogs who were caught in the middle of the tornado.

NBCDFW5 explains, “‘“He was at work watching the weather go on, thinking the worst,’” his co-worker JD Schulgen said.”

There were four people who had been killed and over 50 people badly injured and taken to the hospital after the tornados. There were two other people who were missing.

Per WFAA 8, “Four people have been killed and over 50 people were sent to the hospital for storm-related injuries. Two people were reported missing in Canton, but were confirmed safe by the mayor Monday morning.” Don Good’s wife was one resident who was injured. The tornado flew her across the house. She did not sustain any serious injuries. She was just knocked unconscious with some bruises.

NBCDFW5 reports, “A neighbor found Charlotte unconscious outside the house and Schulgen was able to help her until her husband could arrive.”

The tornadoes that formed had a massive effect on other nearby towns, where the path was up to 50 miles long. Seven tornadoes formed in that time.

WFAA 8 ABC explains, “The National Weather Service conforms at least seven tornadoes struck Eustace, Caney City and Canton in Northeast Texas. A tornado briefly touched in the southwestern part of Hopkins County, south of Cumby and Interstate 30.”

Don Good was also trying to make sure his dogs were all alive. One dog is special, because his 23-year-old son, Zachary, who died in an accident gave him the dog. He was elated to find, the dog, Zane safe.

Per NBCDFW, “‘I couldn’t do anything, but cradle him and just carry him all the way up here,’ he remembered. ‘The emotion was overwhelming.”

Many churches set out to help the people of Canton to share Christ’s hope in practical ways. Texas Baptist Men was requested to be one of the first responders in the crisis.

Texas Baptist Men explains, “Texas Baptist Men have been requested by local authorities to respond as soon as possible to tornadoes in the Canton area. We will also be sending in chainsaw teams and shower units.”

Please pray for all those who continue to rebuild from the tornados, especially in Canton. Also pray for all those who are continuing to minister to them, that many would be able to share Christ’s hope.

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