Delhi Officials Scramble to Find Water During Shortage

Water in Asia

Residents in India’s capital of Delhi have faced a massive water shortage since protesters in the state of Haryana sabotaged the Munak canal causing a breach the affected 10 million people. The resulting water shortage has sent officials scrambling to supply water to all segments of its society.

Marginal communities have suffered the most. Water trucks have circulated throughout the city to bring water to those families.

Gospel for Asia (GFA) missionaries have offered families a solution with BioSand water filters, which can typically serve one family.

“From the time I started using the filter, my grandchildren never suffered from stomach ailments,” said one grandmother who received a filter. “Now they are completely healthy. I am happy with this best gift God has given to me. Now there is no place for sickness in my family.”

Pray for the restoration of Delhi’s water infrastructure and the availability of safe drinking water.

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