Dr. Jimmy DeYoung: 1940 – 2021

Popular radio, television preacher, and conference speaker Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, Sr. had been hospitalized and passed away on Sunday, August 15.
Photo by 88.1 The Living Word FM, Facebook

CHATTANOOGA, TN – Popular radio and television preacher and conference speaker Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, Sr. passed away on Sunday, August 15. He had been hospitalized for eight days with complications of the COVID virus.

Photo by 88.1 The Living Word FM, Facebook

Following his graduation from Tennessee Temple University, DeYoung participated in ministry with Dr. Jack Wyrtzen at Word of Life Fellowship in Schroon Lake, NY. It was there that he became actively involved as the producer of Word of Life radio programs that were broadcasted around the world. He also served as a staff evangelist and the host of Word of Life Inn during his 12 years of ministry in upstate New York.

DeYoung moved to New York City to become the Vice-President and General Manager of WNYM, the first Christian radio station in the Big Apple. He also began his first gig as the host of a daily radio program, a career that would define his ministry journey throughout his entire life.

As a credentialed journalist and an advocate for the State of Israel, Jimmy was privileged to interview dignitaries such as Benjamin Netanyahu, Shimon Peres, Ehud Olmert, Ariel Sharon, and PLO leader, Yasser Arafat. He spent several months in Israel every year. He was a regular participant on the Day of Discovery television program for many years.

As a note of interest, DeYoung and his wife, Judy, arrived for their first visit to Israel in 1991, just three days before Saddam Hussein began raining Scud missiles into the Holy Land. Their welcome to Israel included 39 Scud attacks.

Anyone with a love for the Jewish people like Jimmy had will tend to concentrate either on how the past has shaped the nation into what it is today or how activity today is foreshadowing future events. Jimmy concentrated on Israel in prophecy. He authored numerous books on Biblical prophecy, including A Manual for the End Times, Daniel: Prophet to the Gentiles, Sound the Trumpets, and Revelation: A Chronology. His book, Ready to Rebuild, and exposition on the building of the Third Temple became a bestseller.

Dr. DeYoung is probably best known for his daily radio program, Prophecy Today, which is broadcast around the globe on more than 1500 stations.

The Lord has welcomed another faithful servant home.

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  1. I was sadden by the news of Dr. Jimmy’s passing I have learned so much from his teachings and he will be dearly missed . Thank you Dr. Jimmy for you detection for the wonderful teachings you gave so many. God Speed 🙌🙏💙✝️

  2. Jimmy and Matt Prince escorted a group of people from Princes’ church back in the ’90s and we enjoyed a week with him and Judy. We enjoyed their friendship and loved both Jimmy and Matt’s family.

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