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Poland and Romania received the largest amount of refugees from Ukraine since the beginning of the war, according to UN

GALATI, ROMANIA — Poland and Romania received the largest amount of refugees since the beginning of the war, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Over 3.2 million refugees arrived in Poland, and approximately 1 million crossed the border into Romania. One point of entry in Romania is the Isaccea border. The Emanuel Church from Galați has been transformed into a center for refugees that arrive in the city from the Danube shores. The Alfa Omega TV team conducted a report in which we invite you to follow along.

Jenia, refugee, Nikolaev – Ukraine:

I’m from Nikolaev. I came here with my children. When I walked out of the house, my eldest son was killed.

The war in Ukraine is far from over. Tens of refugees enter Romania daily through the Isaccea border. They are then greeted by volunteers who offer them the latest information.

Tudor Pețan, president Alfa Omega TV:

We are at the Isaccea border, somewhere between Galați and Tulcea, where the Ukrainians arrive in large numbers, crossing the Danube by ferry. We’re expecting another wave of refugees. The ferry will dock in a few minutes. This is the point of entry, the Isaccea border.

Mihai Dumitrașcu, pastor, Emanuel Church – Galați:

We transport them here, we ensure them a place where they can sleep, three meals a day, medical assistance, we offer them clothes and whatever is essential for their day to day living necessities, after we assist them in processing documents in regards to finding a place to stay.

The stories from the refugees are dramatic and the people are disoriented.

Eva Gardenko, refugee, Kherson – Ukraine:

I want to leave for Ukraine as soon as possible. My brother and puppy were left there, and I really want to go home.

Nina and Oleg, refugees, Ukraine:

I came here from Ukraine, with my three grand-daughters, because military operations had just started. Missiles would be flying daily and the children were scared.

Alyona, refugee, Kherson – Ukraine:

Our city was overtaken by Russians and we couldn’t stay there since we lost our jobs, and we were scared, so we fled to save our children.

Jenia, refugee, Nikolaev – Ukraine:

My mother, two sisters and brother stayed in Ukraine.

From a regular sanctuary of worship, with religious services and social-education activities, Emanuel Church from Galați was transformed into a refugee center, where volunteers are attending to people.

Mihai Dumitrașcu, pastor, Emanuel Church – Galați:

It was a decision that had to be made fast. The war started on the 24th of February, and on the 26th of February our building was already open and I declared it a refugee center, and since then we have between 50-100 refugees arriving here on a daily basis.

Natalia Petrenco, volunteer, Emanuel Church refugee center – Galați:

I work as a translator with the refugees from Ukraine, and especially with children. We also started working on a psychological program, to help them express themselves through drawings, through songs, through games.

Geanina Tudosie, volunteer, Emanuel Church refugee center – Galați:

I knew these people had bigger needs than our three children, which my husband could chaperon when I wasn’t home. They weren’t given away to others. So then I said I’d come and serve as much as was needed, with whatever had to be done.

Sara, volunteer, Emanuel Church refugee center – Galați:

We are more of a transit center and because of this we also take care of their departures and, in a way, we take care to make sure they have a place to stay for the long term.

Mihai Dumitrașcu, pastor, Emanuel Church – Galați:

We ensure they have basic necessities, we assist them emotionally, spiritually and, last but not least, we present to them the Gospel when we have someone who can speak to them in their own language because, sadly, we aren’t able to communicate the Gospel in an open manner, we need a translator.

With the help of the Operation Blessing Organization and Alfa Omega TV, Emanuel Church from Galați distributed personal hygiene products.

Mihai Dumitrașcu, pastor, Emanuel Church – Galați:

Everyone who comes here needs sanitary products, they need them for their personal hygiene and they are used up rapidly. We actually spend a large sum of money on all these, along with food and all the rest, and the toiletries side. And so, they are a blessing to the refugees that are here.

Some refugees stay for a few days only, and others remain here for a few months. Most of them wish to keep moving on, in the West of Europe, but others are waiting out the war here so they can then return home.

Natașa, refugee, Odesa – Ukraine:

We choose to believe that this war is going to end and that we will be able to return home, but if the war does not end, we will choose to stay in Romania for good.

Irina, refugee, Nikolaev – Ukraine:

We have been here for nearly a month and we have to stay a few more weeks until our documents are completed, so we can leave for England. We have found a family there that would like to take us in and to continue to help us.

The refugees that arrived in Galați, at the Emanuel Church refugee center, are very grateful for all the support they have received.

Alyona, refugee, Kherson – Ukraine:

My children have relaxed and they are not as scared of gunshot noises anymore, but now and then they would get scared when they hear loud noises. We thank everyone that has helped us so far, because it’s been a very hard time.

Irina, refugee, Nikolaev – Ukraine:

We have come to your church through some volunteers and we are very grateful to the church and the volunteers for taking us in. They really treat us as humans and we feel like we’re a family here.

Nina and Oleg, refugees, Ukraine:

We’re very indebted to your country and to the people here for all the help we have received.

The Pastor of Emanuel Church, Mihai Dumitrașcu thanked the television station Alfa Omega and all those who got involved in this work.

Mihai Dumitrașcu, pastor, Emanuel Church – Galați:

I want to use this opportunity to thank the television station Alfa Omega and the partnerships that chose to come along with us so that we may be able to serve a cause that surpasses the abilities and power that we have now. I thank you in the name of the refugees and in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord!

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