Send Me Where No One Wants to Go

God is using Favor International to replace bullets with Bibles, transform mercenaries into missionaries, and prostitutes into preachers.
Photo by Favor International, Facebook

BRADENTON, FL – The Lord answered that fervent title prayer from Carole Ward in 2001. As soon as she knew that He wanted her to go to Northern Uganda and South Sudan, she began to feel the pushback and resistance from well-intentioned church leaders and government officials.

Photo by Favor International, Facebook

Entirely operated by indigenous leaders of Uganda and S. Sudan, Favor is a spiritual family of disciple-makers turning the world upside down from occult and Islamist darkness to its proper alignment in Jesus’ love and lordship.

The Lord has used Carole to turn tired and broken Ugandans and Sudanese into healthy and holy disciples and to bring His hope to families and individuals who have endured more trauma over the past 20 years than most Americans have in our lifetimes.

Carole is the founder of Favor International, where the Lord is turning victims of war into instruments of revival. God is using Favor to replace bullets with Bibles, transform mercenaries into missionaries, and prostitutes into preachers. More often than not, Favor can be found doing whatever it takes to carry the Gospel to people and places where others are unwilling or unable to.

Favor’s commitment is long-term. In their own words, “We are here to sow a lifetime, not just give temporary relief and leave.” The sustainable transformation of Uganda and South Sudan requires a holistic approach centered and built upon the Word of God. Their work is sustainable only to the extent that every aspect is Christ-centered.

Four Essentials for Sustainable Transformation

Lasting transformation is usually a holistic process. Favor’s ministries are typical of other successful, long-lasting endeavors. Favor’s four-fold approach includes Prayer & Evangelism, Education & Discipleship, Community Revitalization, and Economic Empowerment.

Five Conduits for Sustainable National Transformation

Jesus described discipleship as going into all ethnos and teaching people about His love and how to please Him. Favor does that by:

  • Bringing portable theological training and aid to rural areas (Rural Evangelism and Empowerment Program)
  • Discipling individuals and war-affected communities through radio, education, outreaches, trauma counseling, and leadership training
  • Facilitating physical church construction projects that reflect the “building up” of healthy congregations centered on the Word and prayer
  • Caring for orphans, widows, and prisoners, who God is using to raise future generations on Kingdom values
  • Setting up houses of prayer, prayer altars, and regional prayer events that provide the necessary fuel and reconciliation for national transformation

Favor is an unusually blessed ministry. That’s because

“What is impossible for any human, least of all one lone woman, is made possible with God through fervent prayer and fasting.”

What could the Lord use you to do if you were willing to pray,

“Send me where no one wants to go?”

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