Floating Bookfair Opens in Singapore

Floating Bookfair Opens in Singapore

SINGAPORE — The 5-7th May marked a historic weekend in the life of OM’s Ship Ministry, as their fifth vessel, Doulos Hope, was commissioned and officially opened to the public for the very first time.The launch weekend took place in Singapore, where the vessel is currently berthed.In the climax of the weekend, on Sunday 7 May, a ceremonial ribbon cutting took place to officially open the ship’s floating bookfair to the public.

The Doulos Hope, the fifth vessel of OM’s ship ministry, was commissioned and officially opened to the public for the very first time last month.

The launch weekend took place in Singapore, where the vessel is currently berthed.

A commissioning service was held on Friday 5 May with OM’s International Director, Lawrence Tong.

Lawrence TongOM’s International Director:

My vision is that we will have ships actively partnering with churches around the world in proclaiming the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ. Don’t stop. Keep moving and keep going.

And these Christian leaders share the significance of this moment.

Christian Leaders:

I was standing up there and I looking at the audience. You know, my heart was just, you know, leaping up. Heart not only drop out because to see so many people coming together.

The ship is going to be one piece of what God is going to do in his kingdom and that we all have a part to play.

Today is really a momentous time in history where we just commissioned the lost hope and right here in my home country.

On Sunday 7th May the ship’s floating book fair was officially open to the public. Seelan Govender is CEO of OM Ship Ministry.

Seelan GovenderCEO of OM Ship Ministry:

As we stand at a landmark time of launching the fifth vessel in the fleet, we recognize where we’ve come from. That in many ways God has already been working and all through those 50 years he’s invited people to join him in what he is doing.

And Doulos Hope is expected to serve largely but not exclusively in the South East Asia area where 70% of those who have not yet heard of God’s love are thought to live.

About Operation Mobilisation (OM)

Operation Mobilisation started in the summer of 1957 when George Verwer and two friends sold their possessions to raise money for a trip to distribute Christian literature in Mexico. From this first trip, the small team began to share their vision to mobilize Christians from around the world to reach the nations. As hundreds of Christians responded, the Operation Mobilisation movement was born.

Today, over 3,300 OM workers, representing over 100 nationalities, are bringing God’s love and truth to millions every year.

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Source: Global News Alliance, Floating Bookfair Opens in Singapore

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