Flooding in Indonesia in the dry season


In June of 2016, the dry season in Indonesia, it would not stop raining.

CNN explains, “June is usually relatively dry in the region, but the National Climatology, Meteorology and Geophysics Agency has issued a warning for potential rain for late June and early July in five provinces.”

Not only did Indonesia have heavy flooding, but in some provinces, landslides.

Fox News reports, “At least 35 people have been killed by landslides and floods on Indonesia’s Java island and many others are missing, an official said Sunday.”

The La Nina system that happened last summer was to blame for the heavy downpour in Indonesia last summer.

According to ABC, “He [Mr. Nugroho] said a La Nina weather system, which typically causes unseasonably heavy rains, could have contributed to the flooding.”

The Red Cross is helping with relief projects such as helping victims of the Indonesian flood.

The Red Cross reports, “Through this regional disaster preparedness initiative, the American Red Cross is assisting Red Cross and Red Crescent national partners and other organizations in six countries (Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam) to help improve disaster preparedness.”
Please pray for the people of Indonesia as they are provided relief. Also pray for Christians to step up in Indonesia and help with relief efforts. Pray that many in Indonesia would be able to know Christ’s hope.

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