Flooding in Japan

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In early July of this year, flooding started in southern Japan because of Typhoon Nanmadol.

Per Fox News, “Heavy rain warnings are still in place for parts of the southern island of Kyushu after Typhoon Nanmadol swept across Japan earlier in the week, dumping large amounts of rain that damaged homes, roads and rice fields.”

In one area, four bodies were retrieved from the flooding in the hardest hit area.

Al Jazeera explains, “The four bodies were retrieved in Asakura town in Fukuoka prefecture, one of the hardest hit areas. One man was found on Thursday after he was covered by a mudslide and the three others, including a couple, were swept away by floodwater.”

The casualties were at seven people at the time of ABC’s report. There were also 20 missing. Warnings of further landslides and rain continued at the time of the report.

ABC reports, “The Government said seven people had died and more than 20 remained unaccounted for as rain continued to fall over northern Kyushu on Friday, amid warnings of further landslides.”

The royal family was about to announce the engagement of their daughter, when the flooding began. They decided to postpone the announcement till after the floods ended.

Fox News states, “Japan’s royal family postponed the formal announcement of Princess Mako’s engagement to a college classmate on Saturday out of consideration for the suffering of people in the affected areas, palace officials said. A new date has yet to be decided.”

Those residents caught in remote villages were being airlifted by rescuers, while the elderly were being carried on soldier’s backs.

Per Al Jazeera, “Residents from remote villages were being airlifted by military helicopters while soldiers waded through floodwaters carrying elderly residents on their backs.”

Because of the landslides, many of the villages were cut off from rescue workers bringing food and water. There were 1,10 residents cut off.

ABC explains, “They said 1,100 people were still isolated on Friday and that Japan’s military was transporting food and medical supplies wherever they could.”

Operation Mobilization (OM USA) seeks to share Christ’s hope with the Japanese, where only half of one percent is Christian. Operation Mobilization also seeks to strengthen the existing churches through training.

OM USA reports, “By sending out Japanese to the mission field, we want to encourage the churches across Japan to be involved in the Great Commission, but at the same time provide experience and training for potential future church leaders. We’re committed to work within and alongside existing churches.” Not too long ago a Typhoon was nearing Japan as well.

Pray for those who are in Japan, that they would be able to rebuild once the floods end and that people would come to know the hope of Christ. Pray also for the churches in Japan to be strengthened by OMUSA workers to share Christ’s hope with others.

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