North Korean Escapee: Nation Facing COVID

“North Korea faces a major crisis with multiple causes, COVID 19 lockdown, catastrophic flooding and international sanctions.”

NORTH KOREA — North Korea is on the verge of a catastrophic meltdown according to reports reaching Open Doors from North Korean Christians.

“North Korea faces a major crisis with multiple causes,” says Timothy Cho, North Korean escapee. “Covid-19 lockdown, catastrophic flooding, and international sanctions.”

Although the North Korean Government has claimed that they have no cases of Covid-19, the infection rate is now thought to run to the tens of thousands, and the population is badly prepared for it.

“It’s known by North Koreans as ‘the ghost disease,’” says Brother Simon, Open Doors ministry coordinator for the country. “People can be sick without knowing it. They are usually malnourished already. Then suddenly they die quickly. Some even just fall dead on the ground.”

Simon adds “We are hearing that many marketplaces are closed down. Even if they are open, there’s little food you can buy. It will cost you two months’ salary to buy a kilo of rice.”

According to Timothy serious flooding and mudslides has further compounded the situation.

“Vast areas of farmland, including rice fields have been wiped out. Around 10 million North Koreans urgently need humanitarian aid.”

However, he told the Global News Alliance why North Korean officials aren’t willing to allow this help into the country. (Johnny Cho’s face cannot be seen for security reasons)

North Korea currently has over 30 labour and concentration camps and they currently have over 250,000 political and labour Christian prisoners getting punished severely which they cannot get out of the prisons once they are locked in there. And when you just go outside Pyongyang you can easily see the hunger and malnutrition situation in the country. Because of these human rights issues and also the oppression against freedom of religion North Korea understands the consequences of what could happen to them. North Korea is still quite afraid to accept international humanitarian aid because they have so many secret things inside the country, which they don’t want to reveal to the international community.

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