Gospel for Asia Helping Those on the Outskirts

GFA workers have looked beyond local villages to also reach those on the outskirts of society struggling for food and daily needs due to the pandemic.
Gospel for Asia founded by Dr. K.P. Yohannan: GFA workers prepare to distribute food to Nepali families.

ODISHA, INDIA — Gospel for Asia (GFA World and affiliates like Gospel for Asia Canada) founded by Dr. K.P. YohannanDiscussing Gospel for Asia workers who are reaching out to those on the outskirts of society who are struggling for food and daily needs due to the pandemic.

While government and charitable organizations have tried to mitigate the effects of hunger due to pandemic-related restrictions, many people have yet to be helped. Gospel for Asia (GFA) workers have looked beyond local villages to also reach those on the outskirts of society struggling for food and daily needs.

Migrant toy sellers receive much-needed food.

Hungry Toy Sellers

When your income depends on selling toys on the roadside and those roads are suddenly silent, the jingling of coins also falls silent. And without those coins, there is no food for your family.

For 48 days, this had been the case for 15 migrant toy sellers in Odisha.

Pastor Jabin and his congregation became aware of their plight. Moved with compassion, the church took up an offering to buy essential items such as potatoes, rice, onions, soap, eggplant, salt and biscuits for these needy families, showing them the love of Christ in their time of crisis.

The happy beneficiaries expressed thankfulness to the church for extending a helping hand in their time of need.

“We thank the church for helping us during this tough time,” said Gambhir, a recipient.

“You do not know us and we are not related to you, yet you had a heart to help us. We are so happy that you showed love to us, cared for us and provided us the essential supplies. God bless you all.”

Gospel for Asia (GFA) workers prepare to distribute food to Nepali families during the pandemic.

Compassion on the Foreigner

In what has been called a COVID-19 red zone within Uttarakhand is a community composed mostly of Nepali workers and their families. Though they came to the country to labor for daily wages, they have struggled to survive with the lack of work.

Local Gospel for Asia (GFA) church leaders gained permission from the village head to enter the area and distribute food, including dry rations of rice, onions, flour, potatoes, oil and sugar, to 35 families in need. The act of love brought smiles to recipients’ grateful faces.

“I belong to another country, so nobody bothers about us,” Bilhana said.

“I have a small baby and I have to feed him milk, but I am not able to stand due to weakness. Now, I am so happy that I can cook and eat something today. Thank you so much for helping my baby and me.”

Batsal added,

“I am so much grateful to [the church], who is really identifying and helping the needy families. I have no words to express my feelings of happiness.”

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Image Source: Gospel for Asia, Photo of the Day

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