HIV Vaccine Being Tested


A HIV Vaccine is being tested by scientists. Right now, those who are infected by HIV must take a pill. Millions of South Africans are on treatment for the illness.

Per CNN, “But the government [of South Africa] estimates that more than 3 million South Africans are on antiretrovirals: the highest figure in the world and a tremendous public health burden for this developing nation.”

Last year, scientist did phase I of the trials on the vaccine. This year, they will do Phase II of the trials.

Science Alert reports, “Before we get too excited, the phase I trials were only set up to show that the vaccine was tolerated well by the human body – they didn’t demonstrate if it actually works as a preventative treatment.”

Even with the pills, there are no cures for those who are suffering from the HIV/AIDS illnesses. The vaccine would just be a preventative to those who don’t have the virus yet.

Fosters explains, “Developing a vaccine against the virus that causes AIDS is one of science’s greatest challenges, and the field is littered with failures. Better medications have greatly improved survival for many people, turning the virus into a chronic disease rather than a quick killer. But there is no cure, and there still are a million AIDS-related deaths a year.”

Part of the reason so many people die of HIV or AIDS is because of the stigma behind the illnesses. They do not tell others about the illness so they have no opportunity to get treatment.

CNN reports, “That stigma is one reason why many young people keep their status hidden and why many more refuse to even get tested.”

It’s hoped the vaccine will be able to prevent HIV. Like most vaccines, the HIV vaccine would have a killed strain, so that in theory, it would be able to make the body immune to living HIV viruses.

Per Science Alert, “Killed whole virus vaccines, also known as inactivated vaccines, are one of the most common types of vaccines out there. Instead of containing just a fragment of a virus, they contain an entire virus that’s been killed or modified in some way that it can no longer harm humans.”

ONE creates awareness about AIDS and HIV and provides funds for research whether through government or private organizations?

ONE explains, “Only when donors, African governments, international organizations and the private sector work together will the path towards the end of AIDS become a reality.”

Please pray for the HIV Virus vaccine to be tested and put on the market quickly.

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