Why Christians Celebrate Good Friday

Churches will be celebrating Christ’s atoning death differently during the Year of the Coronavirus.The purpose of observing Good Friday remains the same.

WILLS POINT, TX – As we turn the corner from Palm Sunday and arrive at the final week of Lent, we enter what has been commonly known as Holy Week. Many churches, regardless of whether or not they observe the liturgical season of Lent, hold special services on Good Friday. Regardless of what they have done in the past, churches will be celebrating Christ’s atoning death on the Cross differently during the Year of the Coronavirus.

The purpose of observing Good Friday remains the same. The means of doing so will, of necessity, temporarily change. Following are some points to ponder as April 7, 2020 approaches.

  • What’s so good about Good Friday?
  • As we are so often prone to do, Americans think that the entire world refers to this day as Good Friday. What we know as Good Friday has also been called Long Friday, Holy Friday, and Sorrowful Friday. It is a Good day because it is the first day of the three-day, three-night period that is the foundation of the Good News. It is the day Christians celebrate the death and burial of Jesus Christ. The rest of the Good News – also known as the Gospel – occurs on Resurrection Sunday (Easter).
  • How do we know that Jesus died on a Friday?
  • Actually, we don’t know to a certainty. Prevailing tradition says that He did. However, no one has actually been able to prove that was the case. A growing number of Bible scholars now believe that Jesus was crucified on Thursday, which is the only way in Hebrew or Hellenistic thinking that He could have been in the grave for three days and three nights. Still others, albeit a smaller number, believe that Jesus died on Wednesday.
  • Does what day He died make a difference?
  • No, it does not. It would be interesting to know, but what really matters is that He DID. The whole of the Good News that Christians believe is that Jesus became a man, lived a sinless life, became the only perfect Lamb of God who could take away the sins of the world, died on the Cross, rose again to life on the third day, ascended into Heaven, and is coming again to rule and reign. Could there be any greater reason to celebrate?
  • Should we celebrate His crucifixion on Good Friday?
  • Absolutely. There is no point in changing the day observed for His giving His life for the world. Christians also celebrate His birth at Christmas, although it is almost certain that He was not born in the Winter. The point is that believers take the time to meditate and celebrate what He has done.
  • Is there any time other than Good Friday that we should celebrate Jesus dying for our sins?
  • Yes. Absolutely, yes! Christians celebrate all that He has done for us on every day that ends in the letter “y.”

In summary, Christians believe this: No greater love has ever been shown for any of us than Jesus showed. Even if someone else chose to die for us, only the blood of Jesus Christ, the sinless Lamb of God, has the power to pay the price for and have the power to save us from our sin. He alone is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one can come to the Father except by Him. (John 14:6)

Whether you are able to congregate or must separate this Good Friday, set aside some or all of the day to meditate and celebrate what Jesus has done for us all.

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  1. The article here is excellent, and clears much misinformation about the topic for Bible believing Christians. Thank you so much!

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