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GRAND RAPIDS, MI – During the first two decades of the 21st Century, the lines between humanitarianism and evangelism have become blurred. Much of this can be attributed to the growing inclination toward political correctness, the revelation of the billions of people living in extreme poverty in developing (and industrialized) countries, and the increasing fascination with reaching the United Nations Sustainable Goals to create a poverty-free world. Back to God Ministries International is one of numerous Evangelical FBOs that has remained intensely focused on our goal as followers of Jesus Christ: That goal is to shine the light of the Gospel with those who do not know Him. Our job is to teach them about Jesus, then encourage them to share the Good News with others. There is no higher objective or calling than this.

With a mission to “use God’s story to reframe lives all around the world,” Back to God Ministries has been “using media to share the Gospel, disciple believers, and strengthen the church” since 1939. The ministry began with the first Back to God Hour radio broadcast from Chicago on December 17 of that year. Within 10 years, the Back to God Hour was available on more than 250 stations.

Back to God began broadcasting to Arabic-speaking countries in 1958, then to Spanish-speaking countries in 1965. By the ministry’s 40th anniversary in 1979, Back to God was also reaching French, Portuguese, Indonesian, Chinese, and Japanese-speaking people in more than 100 countries.

The first issue of The Family Altar devotional booklet in 1950 was Back to God’s entry in the publishing sector.

Back to God remains intensely focused on reaching people for Jesus through radio, television, print, and on-the-ground discipleship centers in 55 countries and in 10 different languages, including Russian and Hindi. The internet has benefitted the ministry to the extent that online communications have, for the first time, equaled print.

The ministry is funded by more than 8,000 financial partners and served by more than 300 volunteers. That support has sustained 28 different ministry websites, 67 social media pages, 54 audio programs, and 24 video programs.

The tools have changed over 80 years, but the message is the same as Back to God focuses intensely on the most crucial thing in the world – telling others about Jesus.

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  1. Greetings from Pakistan,

    It is a great privilege to explore your work on your website. You are doing a great job and that is the need of time as the world is approaching its end. Things are dramatically changing and becoming challenging. Thanks for working so diligently for Lord Jesus Christ.

    I would like to introduce myself; my name is John Victor from Pakistan. I am a professional Urdu and Punjabi dubbing engineer for videos, audios and translations. With my team we can dub videos into Urdu and Punjabi and other Asian languages so you can put these videos and audios on your channels for Urdu/Punjabi/other Asian languages; speaking people in Pakistan and all around the world.

    We can proofread translations and edit dubbed audio and videos also. Because of Covid19 more people want online teaching in their own languages, May God bless you, your team and work you are doing for Lord Jesus Christ.


    Peace and Love.

    John Victor

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