Isolated Angolan Community Celebrates MAF’s Historic First Landing

Cavango, Angola, Southern Africa, but can now be seen on Google Earth thanks to a 16-year runway project funded by Canadian supporters of MAF

ANGOLA, SOUTHERN AFRICA — Cavango is located over 100km from the nearest village in Angola in Southern Africa, but can now be seen on Google Earth thanks to a 16-year runway project funded by Canadian supporters of Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) – the world’s largest humanitarian air service.

On Monday 12 June, the village of Cavango held a colourful dedication celebration to thank donors and volunteers from across Canada who have supported the 16-year-long project.

The people of an isolated community in Angola in southern Africa recently celebrated an historic moment when MAF made the first official landing on their first ever land strip.

The historic first landing took place when Canadian MAF pilot Brent Mudde touched down at Cavango Air Strip. He explains how this moment was made possible thanks to help from many dedicated Canadian supporters over the past 16 years.

Brent Mudde:

Sixteen years ago, December 2007, I stood at the bottom of this hill and we did the first survey for the runway here at Cavango, a project that’s taken many donations, many volunteers and people that have actually come out here and done some work on this amazing runway. Earlier this morning I landed with our Cessna 182 for the first landing in this location and it is a marvelous airstrip.

We are very, very happy with it and therefore we sent a message back to Lubango to have the first operational flight. The Cessna Caravan Whiskey Oscar Lima Wings of Love has arrived with medicines and has arrived with the first returned patients and will take the one missionary from here back to Lubango. So we are very thankful for this runway even though it’s taken 16 years it is finally complete and we thank the Lord and all those who were involved in making this happen.

Fermino MartinhoPastor:

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you… It has not been easy. God is with us at Cavango Mission.

Having previously faced a logistical nightmare to provide medical help in these remote villages, these missionary medical workers shared their thanks for this vital new resource.

Jocelyn de Souza Missionary Nurse:

We were usually the ones having to drive an hour, up to two hours, if the weather was bad to Shin-Yama to take patients and bring them back and for all of our transportation and so this is going to make a huge difference in our lives and give us time to do other things that are super important.

Betsy KubackiMissionary:

It’s just amazing. I’m not gonna miss that drive at all and patients just in pain as they’re groaning as we’re hitting all the bombs and so it’s just going to be good for everybody. Such a praise.

And these locals in Angola will continue to thank God for his provision of this new lifeline to their community.

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