Israeli New Settlement in the West Bank


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In February, Israel passed a new law. This law was to create thousands of Israeli settlements in the West Bank. This is disputed territory between Israel and the Palestinians.

Per CNN, “In the first two weeks of US President Donald Trump’s term, Netanyahu has announced plans for 5,500 housing units in the West Bank, while the municipality of Jerusalem has advanced plans for about 550 new homes in East Jerusalem.”

Critics say such law is illegal, both internationally and in the Israeli constitution. They also suggest that such law would make peace with Palestinians even more difficult.

NBC News reports, “Monday’s contentious vote took place after Israel said it had started demolishing a small Jewish settlement deemed illegal by the Supreme Court because it was on private Palestinian land. Settlers and their supporters had been pushing the new legislation as a way to avoid similar rulings in other unauthorized communities built in occupied territory. But critics say the measure is illegal and would make peace with the Palestinians even more difficult.”

Unlike the Obama administration, the Israeli government sees Trump’s administration as more sympathetic to the Israelis.

BBC explains, “Emboldened by a new administration it sees as a more sympathetic, Israel’s government has advanced plans for thousands of new settler homes.”

Even though international law sees the Israeli settlement in the West Bank as illegal, the Israeli government argues the wording is ambiguous.

Per CNN, “The settlement program is illegal under international law, but Israel disputes that finding and insists the status of the West Bank is more ambiguous than international law allows. Many in the international community believe that such settlements are illegal and a barrier to any future ‘two-state’ peace deal. Palestinians claim East Jerusalem as the capital of their future state.”

Israel announced another plan for an additional settlement in the West Bank. President Trump gave a warning to Israel to stop announcing their settlements so peace can be achieved between the Israelis and Palestinians.

NBC states, “President Trump — considered more sympathetic to Jewish settlements than former President Barack Obama —warned Israel to stop the announcement of new settlements. The White House said new construction ‘may not be helpful’ in achieving peace.”

HeartCry works in Israel to bring the hope of Christ to the people there and true peace to the nation.

HeartCry explains, “the church remains very hopeful in the power of the Gospel to subdue adverse spiritual forces and bring the State of Israel under the peace of the Messiah.”

Pray for unity among churches in Israel. Pray for true peace in Palestine and Israel. Pray for the church to share Christ’s hope with the people in Israel and Palestine.

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