KJMC Celebrates Hanukkah Celebration Despite the War in Ukraine

KJMC shares on the Hanukkah festival celebration, which is celebrated by the Jewish community during a time of war and bombing.

KYIV, UKRAINE — Kyiv Jewish Messianic Congregation (KJMC) shares about its Hanukkah festival celebration, which is being celebrated by the Jewish community during a time of war and bombing.

This year festival was filled with fantastic food, music, and dancing, creating a warm and joyful family atmosphere that is a special feature of Jewish festivals. Despite the threat of war, the Jewish community celebrated Hanukkah throughout the week. The festival is especially relevant in times like these, when people need events to help them forget about the reality outside their homes and immerse themselves in a warm family atmosphere.

Fantastic food, music, and round dancing, all of it sets a family like festive atmosphere and I believe that this is what Hanukkah festival is all about there has been so much light and joy and sense of family, which in my opinion is a special feature of all Jewish festivals.

Despite the war and constant threat of bombing, our Jewish culture family celebrated Hanukkah throughout the entire week. An atmosphere of light and joy was seasoned with Jewish songs and dances flavored with traditional dishes. But most importantly, as one big family we were able to see what Hanukkah looked like, even in Kyiv during a time of War.

We figured that especially now like never before we need events like this one so that people might for the moment forget about the reality outside our homes and simply immerse themselves in this warm family of God atmosphere. It’s been time with each other celebrate dance and have some food. When you aren’t worried about anything you can simply rest and unwind.

This festival is especially relevant at such a time as this given the fact that good overcomes evil. The Festival of Lights were celebrating right now is very relevant. Speaking of light as is commonly said though the physical light may not shine, There is this life that shines inside us. We shine no matter what and that will help us to endure this terrible war.

Is also known as the festival of light and dedication the Festival of fire traditionally a special candle holder known as the Hanukia and its candles are lit during each day of this Festival it symbolizes the ultimate victory of light over Darkness. This year at the Jewish culture events every guest had an opportunity to make their own candles and take them home to light.

I’m not leaving this Festival empty-handed. I made a candle that I’ll be lighting at home and remembering this Festival.

Of course, the Jewish Festival of Hanukkah is great and significant and loved by so many but we figured it’s important that we also do something for our soldiers who fight at the front line. So we’ve really gathered together like this. So some of our festive activities included making small Hanukkah guests for them.

Hundreds of people attended different events throughout the eight days of the festival. Family Hanukkah party, Hanukkah for the military and chaplains. And of course a special Hanukkah Shabbat.

This is my first Hanukkah Shabbat. I was looking forward to it since I saw the photos from last Hanukkah and everyone was telling me how full of light and warmth this Festival is and I really wanted to participate in the Hanukkah Shabbat and the Hanukkah festival itself. I can say that my impressions are only positive ones. It feels like a big family gathering and it’s a true feast, children run around playing and adults talk have coffee and laugh. In other words, the atmosphere is amazing.

When I first found myself at a Shabbat service, it felt like it was a wedding this huge wedding full of joy and merriment. I was received like I was family even though I had come for the first time.

Well, since we live under martial law power outages are part of our reality. However, didn’t prevent Kyiv’s Jewish congregation from celebrating Hanukkah.

It was very special. Even when the power went out, this is our reality now. People weren’t disappointed. They turned on their flashlights and started singing while shining their flashlights. It was awesome. I could feel the support and people were so joyful and open, it was really special.

About KJMC

Kiev Jewish Messianic Congregation (KJMC) was born shortly after first Festival of Jewish Music and Dance, organized by the mission “Hear, O Israel!” (Jonathan Bernis), which took place in Ukraine in 1994. Boris Grisenko has been the rabbi (pastor) of KJMC from the very beginning. Rabbi Boris was also the Vice Chairman of the Ukrainian Interchurch Council and holds an Honorary Doctorate in Theology from CLST (Christian Life School of Theology). KJMC has grown over the years and today numbers more than 2,000 people. The congregation is comprised of Jews and non-Jews, all of whom have accepted the Lord Yeshua ha’Mashiach (Jesus Christ).

The KJMC vision is focused largely on the revival of the Jewish people, including:

  • So that every Jew would know his Messiah
  • The unity in the Body of the Messiah to be restored
  • To break free of non-Biblical extremes of Judaism and Christianity
  • To bring about freedom from anti_semitism, indifference, and other non-Biblical attitudes as well as freedom from Humanism and occult spirituality

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Source: Global News Alliance, KJMC Hanukkah Celebration During the War

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