Laos Believers Strengthened by Literacy Training

LAOS —Khamsay* and his wife Mali* were attacked by their family and community in rural Laos, who follow local traditions and beliefs. Khamsay has taken part in literacy training run by Open Doors – now that he can read the Bible, he has been strengthened in his faith which he is keen to share with others.

*Name changed for security reasons.


My parents were very angry when they found out that I had converted as they are our village chief’s deputies.

*Khamsay is a young believer from Northern Laos, where rural people often follow ethnic religions and tribal rituals. So when Khamsay became a Christian, his family and fellow villagers considered it a betrayal of their way of life. Communities try to force Christians to abandon their faith or even expel them to avoid angering a village’s guardian spirits.


They harassed me. And they tied my hands with ropes. And I was punched by my mother. My wife was taken back to her parents’ house. She was strangled by her brother and kicked by her father. They wanted to intimidate my wife so that she would become afraid. But she wasn’t.

My wife confirmed to them that she would not stop being a Christian. And then they released her.

Khamsay has joined a literacy program run by Open Doors local partners so that he can learn to read and write. Now that he can read the Bible, he has been strengthened in his faith and empowered to witness to others.


When someone spoke to me, I didn’t understand and I wasn’t confident. Through studying, I learned to recognize the sounds and I became confident in my writing. And it helped me not to feel embarrassed. It helped me to understand more about the Bible too. When I read the Bible more I am also more encouraged in my spirit.

I ask for you to pray for me about the persecution we experience that how I respond to the situation will help to draw our neighbors to believe in God and to become Christians. I am going to proclaim the Gospel to our neighbors. Even though I never had formal training on sharing the Bible. I will teach them as much as I can – whatever knowledge God has given me.

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*Name changed for security purposes.

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