Leading a House Church for Secret Believers in Yemen

In Yemen, Christian believers like Saleh* risk arrest, beatings and death threats when they choose to follow Jesus.

YEMEN — In Yemen, Christian believers like Saleh* risk arrest, beatings and death threats when they choose to follow Jesus. But despite these dangers Saleh is encouraging and discipling believers across the country.


My name is found on the radicals’ wanted list. They have my picture. Sometimes they watch me going from place to place. Usually I am bombarded by threats. But all this won’t stop my ministry. The more I receive threats, the more I am eager to serve.

In Yemen, Christian converts like Saleh* risk arrest, beatings and death threats when they choose to follow Jesus. Despite all this, Saleh and his brother decided to start a house church for secret believers.


Fear dwells among the Christians in Yemen, for there are people that come to church with with no intent of pursuing the faith, but instead spying and collecting information on us. We are very careful about the meetings. We gather in closed spaces to prevent outsiders from hearing us. We had new believers in need of training and baptizing. So my brothers and I sat down to take a decision. They eventually decided that I should not accompany them because I was known. I posed a bigger risk to them. When they finished the training, they decided to move to another location for baptizing. So they took a bus and started on the journey. They were texting me for a while, but after that I lost contact with them.

Saleh* was terrified about what might have happened to his brother and friend. That evening he received information that they had been captured and imprisoned.


I was sad. I was crying. I felt guilty because I had allowed them to go to that place. My family was scared for me. They told me to flee the country. A lot of thoughts ran through my head. Should I stay or leave? I decided to hide in my home. During this time, I encouraged the rest of the brothers in my church. I would go secretly to meet them and pray with them, then return home into hiding. I would always remind them that when we decided to follow Christ, We were aware that things like this would happen.

After several months, Saleh’s brother and friend were miraculously released from prison. Through their witness, several other prisoners had come to faith in Jesus.


Yemen needs brave servants to go out in society and proclaim the message of God. I could stay safe. I could remain at home and face no persecution. But what good is my Christianity for them? What good is my faith if I don’t go out and deliver the message of God to others? Your prayers are crucial to us because they lead to miracles.

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