Laos: Losing a Home and Job for Following Christ

In Laos, Peto* has been following Jesus for over ten years, but his Christian faith was opposed and considered as a foreign religion.

SOUTHERN LAOS — In a remote part of southern Laos, 40-year-old Peto* has been following Jesus for over ten years as a Christian. But his Christian faith was opposed by the village authorities who considered it a foreign religion.

In a remote part of southern Laos, 40-year-old Peto has been following Jesus for over 10 years. But his Christian faith was opposed by the village authorities, who considered it a foreign religion.


At first, when they found out that we had become Christians, they just warned us that if we kept believing in Jesus Christ we might be thrown out of the village. They warned us a second time, but we remained Christians and continued to live there. On the third warning, they told us that they wouldn’t be responsible for our lives if something happened to us. After that, they killed my animals. They hit them with a stick until they died, my ducks, chickens and goats.

When his wife became sick, the villagers blamed Peto for angering the village spirit and told him to offer an animal sacrifice.


When I did not obey them and did not make an offering, they were enraged. They refused to accept me and told me to leave the village and go elsewhere. When I walked out of the village, I could take only what my hands could carry.

Relatives then helped Peto to apply for a new job in the military, but that too would be a test of his faith in Christ.


There is no law in Laos that prohibits Christians from serving in the military. But some people hate Christianity because this is a foreign religion. In the military camp, I shared the gospel with four or five of my friends. I also shared with them some Bible verses that could guide them. After I shared the gospel, they wanted to kill me. At that time, I cried too many tears. But I wasn’t afraid to die because even if I died that day I would be with God in heaven.

The military gave me two options. First you continue working as a soldier. Second you continue being a Christian. Which one will you choose? I decided to serve the Lord.

Peto is now a farmer and an evangelist, travelling to spread the gospel and pray for the sick in surrounding villages. He’s also attended leadership and discipleship training sessions run by local partners of Open Doors.


The training was really impactful for me as I learnt more about God, how to serve Him and His people, it was a great help in my ministry.

*Name changed for security reasons

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