Mary Finds Peace After Escaping Kidnappers

Mary* from Nigeria was kidnapped by Fulani militants and experienced awful violence and sexual assault at their hands.

NIGERIA, AFRICA — Mary* from Nigeria was kidnapped by Fulani militants and experienced awful violence and sexual assault at their hands. After she was freed, Open Doors partners cared for her at a trauma care centre where she found peace.

Sadly, shortly after Mary shared her story with us, she died from an unrelated illness – but her parents are keen that her story is shared so that people can keep praying for other vulnerable Christians like her in sub-Saharan Africa.

*Name changed for security reasons


We live in fear. We don’t know when they’ll come back. And we don’t know who they’ll take next. My village in Nigeria was attacked by Fulani militants. They attack Christians because we worship Jesus and they want us out of this land. They are just one of many groups that attack Christians across Africa. When they started shooting, we ran. I heard my sister calling. I remember running to find her. I knew I could be caught but God gave me strength and boldness. I was ready to die.

Mary was captured by the militants while searching for her sister.


They said if we didn’t go with them, they’d kill us. They beat us as we walked. They mocked us saying our God isn’t real, that he can’t do anything to help us. I was forced to cook for everyone. We were fed the animals’ food. Some nights, I was forced into the militants’ beds. They raped me. All I could do was pray and beg God for the pain to end.

After 54 days in captivity, Mary and the other Christians were released. Mary was severely traumatized by the kidnapping.


Even though I was reunited with my family, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t be around people, the pain wouldn’t end. I remember being told about the trauma center, a place that could help me heal. When I got here, they welcomed me, they gave me space, listened to me and they prayed with me. Day by day, I am getting better. I will never be totally the same, but I thank God for the peace he has brought me and for the people he has used in my life. I am not the only one, and I know I won’t be the last.

Please keep praying for other courageous Christians like her across sub-Saharan Africa.

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Source: Global News Alliance, Mary Finds Peace After Escaping Kidnappers

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