Monsoonal mudslides bury 200 families in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka’s heaviest rains in 25 years have caused massive mudslides resulting in about 63 confirmed dead and up to 200 missing families buried in 50 feet of mud.

Officials estimate that 200,000 people have left Colombo, the nation’s low-lying capital, while 400,000 have fled to state-run relief camps.

Deforestation meant to create more farmland contributes to Sri Lanka’s monsoon-season mudslides.

“It continued to rain for about three days,” said Adrian De Visser with Asian Access. “We kept hearing (about) mudslides and entire villages being buried in the mud slides.”
The Mennonite News Network reports that Sri Lanka’s churches are engaging in disaster response.
As a church, we are responding by providing food, water,” De Visser said. “And people just escaped with what was on their body. So we are trying to gather as much help as we can to provide immediate relief for people.”
Pray for Sri Lanka’s recovery from this natural disaster, and for Asian Access as they minister to the personal needs of victims.

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