Nonprofit Israel Friends Charters Its First Plane to Provide Crucial Support for Israel in Response to Ongoing Atrocities

Nonprofit Israel Friends Charters Its First Plane to Provide Crucial Support for Israel in Response to Ongoing Atrocities.
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LOS ANGELES — In response to the escalating crisis in Israel, Israel Friends, a U.S.-based nonprofit organization, is mobilizing a significant humanitarian endeavor to address the atrocities unfolding in the region.

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In a swift response to the current crisis, Israel Friends has successfully secured donations to charter a plane from the United States to Israel. The inaugural flight took off today, Saturday, October 14, 2023, from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), carrying over 150 reservists, volunteers, and critical cargo, including medical equipment and protective equipment for all Israelis who find themselves at risk during this time. This initial mission is just the beginning, as Israel Friends remains steadfastly committed to providing essential supplies, equipment, and assistance to fulfill diverse needs on the ground, encompassing transportation and vital resources for families.

Israel Friends will continue to run ongoing missions, ensuring a sustained and comprehensive humanitarian response to the crisis. Additional funds are currently being raised and will be strategically deployed to expand and enhance the scope of their operations, enabling Israel Friends to reach more people and provide essential resources where they are needed most.

“At Israel Friends, we believe in the power of collective compassion and the unwavering spirit of humanity. Each mission we embark on is driven by our profound desire to bring hope and help to those in need. Now more than ever, our mission is clear, urging us to unite and respond swiftly to the challenges our Israeli sisters and brothers are facing.” – Jordan Fried, Co-Founder of Israel Friends

The Israel Friends team has more than 100 years of combined experience in supply chain management, logistics and sourcing, delivering humanitarian assistance and development through strategic process. Each member of the Israel Friends team possesses a passion for helping those in need and have spent countless hours giving back to their communities.

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About Israel Friends

Israel Friends is a nonprofit organization founded with the mission of providing immediate humanitarian aid and assistance during crises. Operating under Worldwide Friends, they are committed to saving lives, supporting those affected by the ongoing crisis in Israel, and delivering help where it’s needed the most. Israel Friends maintains complete transparency and dedication to their mission.

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