Norman Geisler – Defender of the Faith

In the early morning hours of July 1, 2019, Norman Geisler, the renowned defender of the Christian faith moved to Heaven to be with the Lord Jesus Christ.

CHARLOTTE, NC – On the morning of April 29, 2019, The Christian Post headline announced, “Norman Geisler retiring from Southern Evangelical Seminary over health issues.”

Barely two months later, in the early morning hours of July 1, the renowned defender of the Christian faith moved to Heaven to be with his Lord, Jesus Christ (July 21st, 1932 – July 1st, 2019).

The noted theologian spent most of his 86 years on this earth standing boldly and without apology for the faith once delivered to the saints and the truth and inerrancy of the Bible. He based his calling on Philippians 1:16, declaring

“I am put here for the defense of the gospel.”

He was relentless in his defense of the faith. In his famous book, I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist (2004, Crossway), he exposed the humanistic worldview that has taken over Western culture and being taught to our children and grandchildren.

Contrary to what is being taught in many public schools, truth is not relative but absolute. If something is true, it’s true for all people, at all times, in all places.”

A prolific author, he published over 100 books, including themes dealing with the accuracy of Scripture, systematic theology, miracles, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Biblical account of creation, and ethics.

Dr. Geisler was one of the framers of the “Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy” in 1978 along with other noted Christian leaders of the day including, D. James Kennedy, Adrian Rogers, R.C. Sproul, Henry M. Morris, J.I. Packer, Luis Palau, Bill Bright, Jay E. Adams, Frank Gaebelein, Gleason Archer, Josh McDowell, Howard Hendricks, John MacArthur, Francis Schaeffer, Charles Ryrie, W.A. Criswell, John C. Whitcomb, Duane Gish, and Carl F. H. Henry.

His education included undergraduate work at William Tyndale College and Wheaton College. He went on to earn a masters at Wheaton and a Ph.D. from Loyola University.

His teaching career included tenures at Detroit Bible College, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and Dallas Theological Seminary. He was a founder of the Evangelical Philosophical Society, the International Society of Christian Apologetics, and Veritas Evangelical Seminary.

May the Lord raise up many mighty men who will carry on the staunch defense of the gospel to which Dr. Geisler gave his all.

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