Pointing the Way to the Great Physician: Medical Missions Outreach

Hundreds are finding more than physical healing through Medical Missions Outreach -they find healing for their souls in the Great Physician.
Photo by Claire Wormley, Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)

BALTIMORE, MD – Medical Missions Outreach is a ministry established by a local church to send medical teams to serve in collaboration with other local churches around the world.

Photo by Claire Wormley, Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Teams of medical professionals with a spectrum of specialties travel to locations in developing countries accompanied by a cadre of volunteers. A well-conceived, systemic, and sustainable methodology ensures that free medical aid includes an introduction to the Great Physician and the opportunity to connect with a local body of Bible-believers.

In short, the goal of Medical Missions Outreach teams is to share the love of Christ using the tool of medicine. Every patient that visits an MMO clinic is introduced to the Gospel after their treatment by a local church volunteer. Sometimes that introduction results in an immediate establishment of a relationship between the patient and Jesus Christ. Regardless, a relationship has been established with a Bible-believing church committed to continuing to reach out to the patient.

Each patient that comes through our clinics will hear the beautiful message of the Gospel, presented in their own language by a volunteer from that local church. Our precious patients are offered the spiritual support they need for themselves and their families through a door that was opened when someone cared enough to treat their pain. Long after our teams leave the field, many of these relationships continue when our former patients find a church home where they can grow and thrive in the company of people that love them.

MMO began its ministry with clinics typical of those in underserved communities. Partnering with local healthcare professionals, teams traveled with “a limited laboratory and a full pharmacy.”

Over the past 17 years, the ministry has grown with the addition of patient education, optical, dental, surgical, and physical therapy teams.

Along with the appropriate diagnostic equipment, the optical teams carry between 4,000 and 6,000 pairs of “recycled” eyeglasses. In one representative case, a man who was a cab driver was afraid he would lose his job because of his loss of visual acuity. Because of the optical team and the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, he can see the road, and he has seen the Light.

The surgical team serves in conjunction with local public hospitals to obtain lists of patients who lack either access to or funding for needed procedures. Most surgeries are of the soft-tissue type, but orthopedic procedures are also available. MMO recently opened a newly-constructed surgical center in El Progreso, Honduras.

The following overview of Medical Missions Outreach trips scheduled for 2021 can help us all to better understand the depth and scope of the ministry.

Location Month Medical Optical Dental PT Surgical
Honduras #1 Jan
Philippines Mar
Panama Apr
Dominica May
Peru #1 Jun
Kenya Jun
Chile Jun
Honduras #2 Jul
Peru #2 Jul
Nicaragua Jul
Galapagos Islands Jul
Thailand Aug
Tanzania Aug
Romania Aug
Honduras #3 Sep
South Africa Sep
Ethiopia Oct
Honduras #4 Oct
Zambia Nov

Hundreds of people are finding more than physical healing through Medical Missions Outreach. They are finding healing for their souls when they meet the Great Physician.

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Source: Medical Missions Outreach, Official Website

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