Gambia’s President wouldn’t step down


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President Jammeh, wouldn’t step down despite his defeat in Gambia’s election.

According to CNN, “Jammeh, who took power in a 1994 military coup, suffered a surprise election defeat in December to Adama Barrow, who won 45% of the vote. Jammeh originally conceded the presidency, but then announced his ‘total rejection of the election results.’”

In the meantime, Adama Barrow, was sworn in at the Gambia Embassy in Senegal.

The BBC reports, “Mr Barrow took the oath of office at the Gambian embassy in Senegal’s capital, Dakar, and his legitimacy has been recognised internationally.” The Senegalese military has gone into Gambia in order to force the past President to step down.

The Washington Post explains, “Senegal announced that its troops entered neighboring Gambia on Thursday to force its longtime ruler, Yahya Jammeh, to step down, part of a bold West African regional effort to defend a democratic election won by the opposition.”

The United Methodist Church provides relief to those in poverty by providing them with land in order to grow their own food.

According to UMCOR, “Through extensive field trials and networks of seed exchanges that enable experimenting with different crop varieties, the project will build on the wealth of expertise that farmers already possess, and offers the chance for them to further enhance their knowledge base.”

Please pray for UMCOR, that they would have opportunities to share Christ’s hope to the people of Gambia as they help those who are in poverty.

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