Each initiative of MissionGO is a means of developing relationships with the people “for the purpose of sharing the Gospel.”

BUFFALO, NY – The MissionGO website leaves little doubt as to one aspect of their ministry in the African country of Sierra Leone.

People living in Sierra Leone don’t have access to clean water.

Need Living Water

As you have already perceived, providing clean water is one aspect of the MissionGO ministry. You might say that it is a major part of the ministry, but it would be misleading to think that it is MissionGo’s primary mission. Not by a long shot.


“MissionGO is solely concerned with the propagation of the Gospel of the grace of God as revealed in the Word of God.

Our primary objective is the winning of Souls for Jesus Christ.

In all of our programs, the Gospel is to be proclaimed, the Scriptures are to be taught, converts are to be discipled, and indigenous churches are to be organized.”

The MissionGO website boldly proclaims that they “trade clean water wells for churches in Muslim villages throughout Sierra Leone.”

The fact that 60% of the people in Sierra Leone are Muslim is virtually meaningless in light of the fact that 73% live in poverty. Hungry and thirsty people in developing countries rarely have any real commitment to what they say they believe. They are searching for food, clothing, clean water … and answers!


Drilling clean water wells is a means to an end. It is one of five initiatives that MissionGO uses in Sierra Leone to win souls for Jesus Christ. Each initiative is a means of developing relationships with the people “for the purpose of sharing the Gospel.” The other four initiatives are:

  1. Church planting
  2. Education
  3. Medical Missions
  4. The Treehouse Learning Center


  • MissionGO has drilled clean water wells in 200 villages. “Whenever we approach a village and offer to provide a well, we ask for ground on which to build a church. We have never been turned down!”
  • Nearly 70 native Christian leaders are planting new churches and building congregations.
  • More than 2,500 children are attending local Christian schools that meet the standards of Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Education.
  • National medical workers are supported by visiting medical professionals from around the world at MissionGO’s clinic. The clinic serves more than 7,000 residents in conjunction with Global Health Services to treat an average of 500 critical-need patients during each annual or semi-annual visit.
  • The Treehouse Learning Center is MissionGo’s first initiative to provide hope and help to at-risk young girls. The girls are provided food, clothing, education, and healthcare while living together in a safe haven.

Sierra Leone is just the tip of the MissionGO “iceberg.” Some 500 missionaries are currently serving in more than 40 countries. Opportunities to serve with MissionGo include summer mission trips (three to eight weeks), short-term mission trips (three months to three years), and long-term service. Teams from multiple nationalities, including locals, work together equally, just as the Lord is building His Church with no difference between ethnicities.

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