Rwandan landslides claim 53 lives


Rwanda’s rainy season has caused higher than normal landslides that the nation’s disaster relief officials say have mostly claimed the lives of children among the 53 dead. Between January and April, landslides killed 67 others Rwandans.

Rwanda incurred one of history’s greatest genocides in 1994 when 800,000 people died in about 90 days as rivals ethnic groups – Tutsi and Hutu – clashed over political control. Up to an estimated 500,000 rapes occurred, causing Rwanda’s HIV/AIDs epidemic. In 2001, the nation had 600,000 orphans.

Africa New Life has ministered exclusively in Rwanda since 2001 combining compassion with evangelism. Today, the ministry offers educational opportunities, family empowerment, discipleship, health-care services and community development.

Pray for Rwanda’s recovery from the landslide disasters this year and the families who lost loved ones. Ask God to strengthen and grow the ministries of Africa New Life.

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